• The Reserve Pool Sunday Edition: 6/15 - 6/21

    There were not any big Wizkids or Dice Masters announcements this week. But that doesnít mean things were quiet here at TRP. Letís look at everything that went down this week.

    Maybe the most important thing this week, is that we added a new contributor to our ranks. He had been on our forums for a while, and maybe you noticed his classic symbiote avatar, Isaac (@IsaacBV). He hit the ground running. Heís already given us Part 1 and Part 2 of his Origins experience.

    Ken (@Ken) introduced us to the Local Event Newsletter in an effort to keep people informed about events that might be going on in their area. And he gave us some numbers. Numbers tell us things.

    Keeping up with the standard from the past weeks, Patrick (@shadowmeld), gave us episodes 5 and 6 of Reading the Rainbow Yu-Gi-Oh Draft. Check them out. He does good.

    We also had two podcasts reach the airwaves: The Attack Zone #4 and The Reserve Pool #55. TAZ dealt with analyzing the meta landscape post-Worlds, while TRP looked at the JSA team members in DC Justice League. TRP also featured a hilarious news segment by our very own RJ (@RJRETRO). Itís worth listening toÖ just like all of our podcasts.

    Lauren (@Wifey) finally entered the mix with an article of her own, all about common lingo used in Dice Masters. Itís an article that many of us could take for granted. Iíd say itís a must read for anyone new to the game, and veteran players can get a quick refresher of what itís like for newcomers. Sometimes we donít realize all of the Dice Masters lingo we use on a regular basis. This is a good reminder.

    Evan (@TRPEvan) gave us a closer look at a team we were already introduced to, which we are calling AiA, Apologies in Advance. Itís a mean lockdown team that might make you want to stop playing Dice Masters forever. Rumor has it that the man who created this team has gone in to hiding, melding with the shadows, one might say.

    I (@Randy) gave you the second installment of my look back a globals, set by set. This week I looked at UXM.

    Like I said in the intro, itís been a busy week despite not having anything new to report from Wizkids themselves. Let us know how we are doing with these recaps, and anything else you think we could be doing to keep you updated on everything going on. As always, roll on.