• Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 7 The Dilemma

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about the clock, an how certain cards in Dice Masters can put such pressure on our opponent that they have to come up with an answer, or just flat out lose the game. Today though, we talk about that dreaded event we all hope never happens in a draft. One card so awesome we consider it a MUST TAKE, and another card, with a red stripe.

    Here is our Friendly Rainbow:

    Let's take a look at that first pack, and see if there's anything good in it.

    So, nothing stand out here, but let's see what's the best of the worst.

    Dark Magician 3, Of all the Dark Magicians this is the one that costs you the least and the one who's ability you can manage the best. Still, TFC 6, average 6/6 stat line and a cost of 6. In the end you'll probably spend more getting and fielding this guy than you will net you in comparison to other cards.
    Baby Dragon 6, Probably the worst of the Baby Dragons, but still a good choice. He fits so many Yugioh archetypes that it's had to pass up the dice.
    Goblin Attack Force 4, Useful Global, fits well on an overcrush fist team. Not a bad pick up, but also a liability with it's ability and 1 health.
    Flame Swordsman 4, If his ability triggers, he's stat efficient, if it doesn't he's not. Plus his fielding cost is bad.
    Summoned Skull 5, I really want this ability, on a character that wasn't priced through the roof and tagged with a terrible TFC.
    Morphing Jar 4, great cheap card for ramping up, but only if you have a good 2 or three cost to pair it with and a global to save the energy for.
    Harpy Lady Sisters 5, Evasive ability, nice stats, too bad their fielding cost is pretty high. Over all, not a bad beat stick.
    Buster Blader 3, While this guy has good stats, his fielding costs and situational ability make him a low priority. If there was an Ant Man global in this set though, that might change.
    Jinzo 3, Action dice hate, on average stats. Again, not a high priority.
    Blade Knight Decent stats for cost, though a bit low considering he has a TFC4. The ability would be more useful if we focus on removing 1st level characters.
    Trap Hole 3, This is pretty decent removal in a set that doesn't have a lot. Oddly enough it combos well with the Blade Knight we just passed over.

    Ok, nothing really stands out as a must have. Hopefully the next pack will give us something better to look at.

    Ok, here it is; the dilemma. In Yu Gi Oh, reliably ramping a die is difficult. KOing certain characters is also difficult but highly beneficial. Blue-Eyes White Dragon rare really is a win condition card, if only because of the strategies it allows you to build into. Sangan ramp, Kuriboh removal and Man-Eater Bug removal; all are made cheap, reliable and possible strategies with this wonderful card. Sure you're opponent can use the same global, but you can actually build around that global, and plan for it. Oh, and then there's that whole discount thing that he does. However, Super Rare.

    Super Rare Slifer is pretty devastating to a sidekick wall. but there are plenty of other things in this set that are equally as devastating to sidekicks. Slifer, if you get him out can dramatically affect your chances of winning the game, but it's the getting him out that really matters.

    Ok, so we've talked about the two choices for in Draft reasons, let's step back and look at them from Meta reasoning. Slifer is a Super Rare and sells for about 25$ on CoolStuffInc.com. Blue-eyes sells for about $16 there, but is RARELY in stock. Yesterday a Blue-Eyes sold for $45 on E-Bay, likely due to the lack of supply, and while Blue-Eyes are less rare, they are much more highly in demand. The decision here is greatly dependent on what types of Dice Masters you play. For me, I'd rather get an extra Blue-Eyes. I know the demand is high enough that I could likely trade it for something that is technically more valuable, like an unwanted super-rare or a few rares. If you're trying to complete a set and you need the super-rare but not the rare, you'll likely take Slifer. If all you care about is winning the draft (say, you're playing on Vassal's new draft module) then my recommendation would be to take the Blue-Eyes.

    Blue-Eyes just does so much for you that Slifer doesn't. If you can buy Slifer you could just as easily buy Blue-Eyes, and with Blue eyes in the first place, you are also more likely to get there. In the end, Blue-Eyes has to be the pick for me, and with that in mind I would probably take the 1 cost Morphing Jar from this pack. Anything we can do to get a reliable guy to KO and field again for cheap just allows us to ramp that much harder. With just these two cards, we're set to ramp into any big purchases that wheel our way. First place in draft, here we come!

    Player 4 takes Slifer (because seriously?!?) and Blade Knight as a form of control and fist ramp.
    Player 3 takes the common and Uncommon Harpie Lady Sisters to start forming her late game strategy.
    Player 2 takes the uncommon Lord of D. and one of the uncommon Baby Dragons.
    Player 1 takes the uncommon Goblin Attack Force and the common La Jinn.
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    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Nice read @Shadowmeld . The what to draft dilema is tough, especially when you need that SR for a set but really cannot pass on an amazing card like BEWD for the game effect and the overall value. I anticipate this to be a dilema that will always exist in some form with drafting.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Yeah I honestly think that BEWD has more market value at the moment. He's such a good way to do things in an order that the designers undervalued. Or at least reward you for utilizing.