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    We love big competitions. Maybe not everyone, but in general, they draw attention. Some of TRP’s biggest days for posts, hits, and activity have been surrounding Nationals competitions or the World’s competition at Origins. But this game’s future resides in the hands of the local communities that play and promote the game. Randy and I happen to live close to one another, and we want to occasionally bring to light what is happening in our community. Hopefully it will either inspire you to do something you have not yet tried or help you understand where a particular strategy may be flawed. My comments will be in black, and Randy’s in red.

    About 3 months ago, Randy was trying to get something going at a local store (closer to him than me, but just a couple miles from my workplace). While willing to host and provide some prize support, the store was pretty demanding about not contributing any promotional efforts and having an absolute minimum of 8 to trigger prize support. After a few events, things kind of fizzled.

    I know this store is not the only one that expects the players and event organizers to shoulder the load. I work 40+ hours a week at my job. I contribute and help coordinate things here on this website. I have a wonderful wife and four children who like it when I'm home spending time with them. I do not have the extra time to do the promoting for a local event, in addition to running the event, let alone just attending. I just don't. So things kinda fell off with that store.

    Meanwhile, I was visiting another store (mostly because they had AVX to be honest), and began conversations with the store owner about a regular play night. He began telling everyone who bought DM products, put it on his Facebook page, and scheduled the events on his own. For a number of reasons, I missed the first month or so. But I’ve been able to start attending, and while we haven’t done any rainbow drafts yet, this scene is growing. The events I’ve been to have either been constructed or sealed (but for sealed, you may pick any 10 packs you like – most players stick to a single IP, in fact most only purchase AVX). Last night was the first constructed event that both Randy and I attended, and we had 6 players. Not wanting to take an attitude of “I know how to counter AVX only teams, so you can’t win,” I brought a modified version of my Canadian Nationals team – mostly to highlight some things that D&D and YGO offer since 2 of the guys I’ve played with at this location only owned AVX. It’s not an aversion to other IPs, I believe, it’s just that they’ve only been playing about 2 months.

    I brought my Fireball team, because it's fun, not overpowered, and I've been itching to play it against people.

    I had swapped out PXG and plugged in Kobolds. In testing, Kobolds have always proved to be a relatively reliable ramp strategy. Last night I rolled 1 character face. In the entire event! So that backfired a little in that I was not able to highlight the Swarm ability. If I had, I think they would have loved it, because 2 of the 4 other guys were running Johnny Storm. Anyway, my first match was against Zach. Zach is the only guy in the group who’s bought into each set. The only set he didn’t rep last night was UXM. He brought Tsarina hard. I probably had a misplay in an attack, but I’m not sure it would have mattered. Twice with a filled bag, he drew two characters and got both fielded. He made the right buys at the right time, and I could never ramp. Somehow, I made him sweat a little and got him to 1 life with a guaranteed Tsarina draw my next turn, but he got to lethal first. 0-1 (score and record).

    Zach wound up being my 3rd round opponent. He had a good team, it just played directly in to my strategy. He bought a Tsarina, but went with a slightly defensive strategy. He appeared to try to shore up his line, and attack with Tsarina, chipping away at my health, until he could rush for the win. Solid strategy. Just not against Fireball. In this match, I actually only purchased a single Storm die and all three Fireballs. The turn I won saw me roll all three Fireball dice. That's a lot of damage. Thankfully, I had more life than him.

    My second match was against Rob (Johnny Storm, Green Goliath). Rob is the kind of guy I wish there were more of. He has such a curiosity and wonder about the game and the cards that change it. He loved the Blue-Eyes global I brought and, though he said he had never seen it before last night, he was using it like a champ right away. We got to a point where I had a chance to take him to 1, but not lethal. I brought ping, and one trigger of his Hulk would likely clear my board. So with no sizeable characters in the field, all he needed to do was get a Hulk on his next turn and he’d likely win regardless of whether I attacked or not, so I swung and hoped for my 25% odds. Rob rolled his Hulk, 0-2 (both games 0-1).

    Rob was, in fact, my 1st round opponent. He loved my Fireball team and immediately wanted to run it himself. But in our game... it was close. If he would have gotten dice to roll the right way, he would have had lethal damage for me. Then on my turn if I wold have had dice roll my way, I would have had lethal damage for him. It was back and forth, I staved off death. In the end, I was almost assuredly one turn away from winning, and he finished me off. He fielded both Wolverine and Hulk (Canucklehead and Green Goliath. But that doesn't matter. The attack powers are more than enough.) and attacked for the win. Great game. Great opponent. I'm looking forward to playing him more in the future.

    My last game was against Tim. Tim plays a little close to the vest. I was never quite sure where he’d go next. That messed with my head a little. Tim, if you’re reading this, I don’t want to play poker with you, I’m convinced I’d lose. He also was running Johnny Storm in addition to Nova (R), Storm (African Priestess), Loki (R), and Ghost Rider (C). He was running PXG too. First turn, after reroll, I had 4 masks, so I was forced to buy Poly turn one. Bought Tsarina turn two, and ramped hard. Turn 3, I poly’d in Jinzo. Two turns later, I poly’d in Hulk. Two turns later I poly’d in Patch and swung with a 10-5 Hulk for the win, 19-0.

    My 2nd round opponent was Tim. My Fireball team was operating pretty well. I did make a minor mistake and purchase multiple Hulk Green Goliaths after he had purchased Loki Gem Keeper. The final turn saw him field Loki and name Hulk. So I rolled Hulk and couldn't field him. I use a Fireball, and pumped extra damage in to Loki. after I KO'd Loki, I was able to field Hulk, and attack for the win. After seeing how that played out, I'm tempted to trade out Hulk for Juggernaut Kuurth. Juggernaut costs one less to purchase, the same total fielding costs, and higher attack power. Juggernaut doesn't do much for me once in the field... but it's something to consider.

    Neither of us played Andy. Andy brought the common Red-Eyes B. Dragon from YGO, Rare Venom, common Deadpool and I honestly don’t know what else. REBD gave Tim and Zach fits, but Rob was able to take him down for the win on the event.

    Afterwards, we looked at trading, but most of these guys have between 0 and 10 extra rares with lots of holes in C/UC and, speaking for Randy, we have just about all we want or need from the sets that are out there. Last week, I gave away a couple C/UC that guys were looking for and the same this week (Randy too). I feel like we have the opportunity to promote the game in all its forms. As such, I will continue to give away a common or 3 every week if it helps build excitement. I can’t say enough about the store’s willingness to participate and promote. With that, here’s a shoutout to Mike at Wings, Wheels, and Waves in Massilon, Ohio.

    JT speaks the truth. I made a few trades and gave away a common as well.

    So what are you doing locally? Comment here or blog about it. The local scene is how this game survives infancy. It's the most important way about of us can contribute.
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    1. LuigiX's Avatar
      LuigiX -
      I live in Pittsburgh and Dave's running events locally; unfortunately, that shop's a bit of a hike for me (and work's nuts lately), so I haven't made it to any of the events (yet). A store closer to my work has been talking about running some drafts, so I'm hoping those get off the ground.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Great insight into your community. Thanks!
    1. Wiktor Makowski's Avatar
      Wiktor Makowski -
      Regarding Fireball team, how does using Johny storm pay off with:
      This Ruling?
      You can only pay once in a whole, or pay once to every instance of 2 damage being done to a target ?
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Right. Its utility is limited, but sometimes that one damage is all you need. The fireball ability itself lets you pump to remove rather tanky characters.