• Age of Ultron Showcase

    Update: Watch here! We'll be looking here and on YouTube at the comments!

    @Dave and @alleyviper will be playing live in Hangouts tomorrow at 2pm EST. The plan is for @alleyviper to showcase AOU cards. More details to come!
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    1. alleyviper's Avatar
      alleyviper -
      I've got some things in mind that I want to play around with but if anyone chimes in between now and when Dave and I start up with anything particular they'd like to see I can see if I can squeeze it in somehow.
    1. TheConductr's Avatar
      TheConductr -
      Is there going to be a link to watch the game?
    1. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
      Scorpion0x17 -
      Have they ruled on Thanos yet?

      It seems way too powerful to be even when not fielded, but way too weak if it is only after he is fielded.
    1. JNEdwards's Avatar
      JNEdwards -
      Attachment 1617

      $5 of lumber allows you to play normal!

      Picture was taken forever ago btw, don't judge the team! Captain America...*facepalm*
    1. JNEdwards's Avatar
      JNEdwards -
      This just needs deleted...it posted twice. :P