• Attack Zone Podcast 5: Resource Management & Disruption

    It's episode five! Dave and Randy take on a unique six pack - the not often drafted Avengers vs. X-Men Set! Then, we take on the main topic of the episode: Resource management. Energy and how you spend it is a vital part of Dice Masters. How can we maximize it, both in terms of when we spend it and how we spend it? What do commonly used methods of ramp and churn really get us? And how can we disrupt an opponent's engine in a way that helps give us an advantage?

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    1. Steele's Avatar
      Steele -
      You guys are spot on in this one, even when the choice isn't always clear (half the battle is realizing there isn't always a 100% right choice).

      The concept of knowing when to ramp and when not to is key. Many games open with people seeing the chance to buy something that will break the ramp from the beginning (a 4 cost that doesn't help ramp) and then come up short mid and late game. Sticking to your plan, especially in the early game for ramp, couldn't be more important.

      Good stuff!
    1. Mathrin's Avatar
      Mathrin -
      Good listen. I disagree with your conclusion of life is not a resource though. Every player has the global of "spend x life to send target attacking character to the used zone where x is the attacking characters power."

      There are other instances where you can see life as a resource. If you are not looking at life as a resource, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

      The next thing is that your idea of ramp is wrong. Ramp is not drawing more dice in a turn. Ramp is rolling a higher potential of energy per turn.

      For example, by your definition if I roll five dice instead of four. One of those dice cannot be rolled for energy and the other four are sidekicks, then your potential energy for that roll is four.
      Therefore, you didn't ramp. You would have rolled four energy either way.

      Again, if roll four dice which include three sidekicks and one action die. You have ramped up this turn because your potential energy is five energy.

      Churn is simply moving a die from your bag to a zone other than your bag. There is good churn and there is bad churn. The best abilities will allow you to churn and ramp together. This is why PXG is so good.

      Hopefully that makes sense.