• Age of Ultron Starter Review!

    Give it a look folks - the video is right in here! We look at every character card. More AoU goodness coming in this Thursday's TRP podcast!
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    1. KingMatticus's Avatar
      KingMatticus -
      Great vid! I think pairing Shield Hellicarrier and Thanos and Patch would be an interesting combo! Give Thanos +2 A and Avenger and then double with Patch! Game!
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Excellent video @Dave and @Wifey ... i can't wait to get my own starter in a few weeks.
    1. pishposh's Avatar
      pishposh -
      I'm really excited for this set. Hopefully WizKids answers some of my rules questions I've submitted before this releases. I'm still scratching my head on why Beast is included in the set.
    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      Woo!!! Taking a long lunch break to watch today
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      @pishposh I believe that Beast is a part of the event in the comics.