• Local Event, 7-2 Constructed

    I’ve recently jumped in to a new local Dice Masters scene. Wings, Wheels, & Waves in Massilon, OH is my new home game shop. Last week, @jthomash2 and I attended a constructed event where we had six people. We didn’t fare too well, but you can read about that event here. It appears that these will not be monthly events, but weekly! There are no guarantees that I can go every week, but this seems to fit in to my schedule nicely. When this does fit in to my schedule, you get a new event review to read. Enjoy.

    As promised earlier in the week, I attended this constructed team with my Villain/Retaliation team, using Dr. Doom, Victor as an end game win condition. I named it the Doom’s Day Device. You can pull open that link and look at the lineup. Don’t worry. We’ll wait for you.

    I saw a few familiar faces from last time, and met a few new people. We had eight people all together. The shop owner said that if we get more than eight, then he will hand out prizes for second place as well. But as things stand, only the winner gets the prize card. We ended up playing for the DC Month Three prizes. Wonder Woman, Trinity War was the participation prize with Shazam Trinity War as the grand prize. That’s fine with me… this OP Winder Woman was the card I was looking forward to most in this whole DC OP event.

    One of those new people I met this time was Tony. We squared off in the first round. Tony said he was pretty new to the game. We worked out a few rules questions through the game. The biggest problem for what I think would be most new players, was that the reminder text on cards for certain abilities just adds to confusion. Tony was using a few D&D cards while I was using Retaliation as mentioned before. All of which required further explanation than what the cards themselves provided. I tend to forget these things… but yeah, after helping to explain Swarm and Breath Weapon and stuff, we did play a game. And man, was it a good one. Tony went for Kobolds and Orcs with Swarm, Black Widow (Tsarina I think…) and I believe he bought a Blue Dragon along the way. My team worked pretty well. I started off with Black Manta and Katana. Then went for Solomon Grundy. Then got Dr. Doom. Tony was able to attack for all but one of my health. He used Relentless to make my characters unable to block. But I would have let him through unblocked anyways. The next turn he had an empty field, and I was able to attack for the win. I believe I had two Mantas in the field, a Katana, and Dr. Doom. Katana had a nice buffed attack power thanks to my other fielded Villains, and I was able to flip Doom’s attack and defense values increasing his attack. Katana and Doom attacked for the win. I only had a single point of life when I got the win. Started off 1-0. Hard to script it better than that.

    Second round match, I faced Rob. I met Rob last week, and he was my only loss. He was using a very similar team to last time. He had PXG, Green Goliath, Canucklehead, I forget what else… It didn’t matter. My early turns went perfectly, and he couldn’t roll a character face at all. By turn 4 or 5 I attacked With Manta, Katana, Dr. Doom, and two sidekicks. I flipped a couple of attack and defense values, turned a sidekick to a Villain to give Katana an extra buff, and it all added up to 20. After losing a nail biter to him last time, it was over quickly this time around. But I never know what to say when I get someone like that. “Yea… that’s exactly how the team is supposed to work.” Or “Wow… you had some unlucky rolls.” Both of which were very true in this situation. My team executed to perfection. 2-0. On to the final round.

    For the third round, I faced the only other 2-0 player. His name was Andy. I kind of met him last week, but he was the only person I didn’t play. He’s a good guy. He used Deadpool, Assassin; Spider-Man, Wall Crawler; Venom, Angelo Fortunado; Constantine, Hellblazer. We both had a rough first couple of turns. Seriously, I had to buy Teamwork on my first turn because I couldn’t purchase Manta or Katana. What really sucked is that he was able to use the globals I brought just as much as I did. Early game he used the BEWD global to make some purchases he might not have been able to reach. Later in the game he was able to get through for damage with Deadpool, and use my own Ant-Man global to flip the attack and defense. On my final turn, I used a bunch of globals to turn sidekicks to Villains, KO characters to trigger Retaliation damage, get through for some damage. I got him down to three life. I had a sidekick, two Black Mantas, and Sunday Grundy in my prep area. Plus four more dice I would draw, I was confident I could win next turn. With nine life left, I knew it would be close. After his initial roll he had two Deadpools. Both were 2/4. So if he flipped their attack and defense I’d still have one life left. He didn’t have enough attack power to win. But after his reroll, he was able to field Spider-Man, and that was all she wrote. He attacked. Game over.

    Our game was in a stalemate for a while because he was constantly fielding either Venom or Constantine. Both of which could cause major problems for me during my turn. So I would KO my own Grundy with BEWD, to KO either Venom or Constantine; whichever posed the most immediate threat. But because I had Manta in play, I was constantly doing damage to Andy every time I KO’d Grundy. It was a great, hard fought, grind-it-out type of game. Maybe I could have won if I had not gone all in on what ended up being my last turn. I would have almost assuredly been able to win on my next turn, based on what I had coming my way. And I was one character reroll away from making that happen. Heck, earlier in the game I could have rushed for the win if Katana had come up a character face during my turn. But those are the breaks. I finished 2-1, second place, no prize card. It’s an upgrade from last week’s third place. Let’s hope this trend continues…

    After the matches ended, Andy claimed his prize, and a few trades were made, it was time to head home. I’m really enjoying this local scene. Looking forward to next week’s constructed event. But what team will bring home the gold?
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    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Bummed I had to miss this week. Looking forward to next!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Sounds like it was a good set of matches!
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Randy, great rundown. Nice team. Makes me want to rethink my Suicidal Villains team.

      If your store ever runs a big event give us a heads up. We are only 2 1/2 hrs away in Toledo.

      Also, how does your store get away with running constructed for DC Storyline OP prizes? Our store only runs Rainbow drafts, and when we complained, they showed us the instruction sheet from WizKids that comes with the OP kits. It state that the format for getting those cards must be Rainbow Drafts. They acted like they would lose their chance at future OP kits and pre-releases from WizKids if they broke WizKids' rules on this. How does your store do it? I would love to share the secret with mine.