• Age of Ultron: Who's Missing

    We have full spoilers for Age of Ultron. Obviously! Dave and I reviewed the set just these past couple of weeks. I'm pretty satisfied with what we're getting in this set - there's a good number of conspicuously absent characters that have shown up, like Red Skull, Wasp, the S.H.I.E.L.D. crew, and most of the Guardians of the Galaxy. We're getting new versions of many of the primary Avengers as well, which mostly makes sense as they're the popular ones, and they were by and large pretty important in the comic arc as well. We're also getting some characters who had roles to play in the AoU comic arc like Zemo and Pym (by way of Giant Man).

    That said, I was 'surprised' that a few characters I'd have been expected to be in the set if they were trying to tie it to the AoU comic event who just...weren't. Truth be told, only two of these were really surprises - I expect their lack of inclusion was part of the big political rights dance going on. The others, though...well, they'd have been good to see.

    Who, you ask? Well, I'll show you! Naturally, here there be Age of Ultron comic arc spoilers, so if that bothers you...uh, maybe sit this one out.


    Wolverine was integral to the AoU comic storyline. Due to all the issues caused by Ultron, and prompted by Nick Fury's plan, he decides to go back in time to kill Hank Pym so that Ultron would never be made...naturally causing all kinds of problems and assorted Bad End timelines. Ultimately, they figure out another solution, but still, central to the plot, and someone who should probably be represented if they're going to show off the arc. That said, he has shown up in two sets already, and Marvel is trying to de-emphasize X-Men, so I wasn't really that surprised to seem him missing.

    I'm keeping his old stats for his 'new' die; that said, given his role in the comic, I imagine he'd have some abilities reflecting all the TIME SHENANIGANS he gets up to in the event. Here, he gets an assassin ability, sending dice to prep when fielded. He's not knocking them out - he's going back in time and making sure they were never there in the first place!

    Invisible Woman

    When Wolverine went back in time to deal with Pym, Invisible Woman followed, hoping to find a way to solve the problem that doesn't involve killing Pym, and ends up accompanying him on said TIME SHENANIGANS. Pretty much everything I said about Wolverine applies to her, too - central to the plot, expected for the arc, movie rights in the hands of a Marvel competitor and therefore de-emphasized. Still sad we don't have Sue.

    Despite her large role in AoU, as she's a pretty important character in the Marvel Universe and this is her first appearance, I went for some more general powers for her. She's well known for her force fields, so what would make more sense than letting her spend some energy to protect your characters while she's out? Could be a monkeywrench for a lot of teams, though she's on the expensive side.

    Luke Cage

    Luke Cage is a pretty well-known 'street level' Marvel superhero, and had a pretty important part in AoU - volunteering for a suicide mission and coming back from it with vital information on how to beat Ultron, at the cost of his life. As you can see on the card, he made the cover of one of the main story issues, so him not being here is a little surprising if they wanted to convey some elements of the arc. Plus, he's a pretty notable member of the Marvel comic universe, and getting his own miniseries in the near future to thrust him into the MCU. Overall kind of surprised we didn't get him, frankly.

    Luke Cage's superpower is having unbreakable skin, so I would expect we'd see one card named exactly that. It makes him very, very hard, though not impossible, to hurt, and I think 'all incoming damage during combat reduced to 1' coupled with moderate defense captures that fairly well. While not necessarily Hulk-level, he is portrayed as a pretty strong fighter, so he gets some good offensive stats as well, and a cheaper 4 cost to pair with his TFC of 4 (as per the way things are for this set, and JL).

    Moon Knight

    Similarly, Moon Knight is another street-level Marvel...'hero', though arguably somewhat less well-known than Luke Cage; he's not getting a miniseries, though I believe there's been periodic rumors about having him in the MCU in some form. He and Black Widow find Nick Fury's plan to deal with a worst-case Ultron scenario, and work to bring that to the other heroes, setting off Wolverine and IW's hovercar trip through time. Pretty important, and featured in several issues. Less surprised he's not there, though - he's not exactly the nicest character, not as well known, and doesn't have any concrete ties to the MCU presently. Still, would have been a nod towards the comic continuity.

    His card reflects his issues with multiple personalities - while he's potentially pretty capable (and especially for that cost!), you're never quite sure what you're going to end up getting. Could be quite risky - might pay 2 to get a 2/1 - but could get yourself a strong character for cheap, too.

    Honorable Mentions

    There's a couple of other characters who I wouldn't have considered 'must haves' but would have been nice includes. Giant Man is Pym, effectively, but I'd have preferred if he was in the set as himself. Victor Mancha would have rounded out the Ultron relatives - for those not in the know, he's Ultron's other son - and maybe given us hope for a Runaways affiliation. Otherwise, I think most of the major players, or at least notable ones, have been pretty well covered.

    Like I said - ultimately I'm pretty happy with who we got in AoU. I'd have loved to see Invisible Woman, and I'm a big fan of Luke Cage (and Iron Fist, who was less relevant to the plotline) so that'd have been great, but we did hit a lot of important bases, and I'm sure most of the ones we missed will be coming soon. I wait eagerly.
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    1. Wargfn's Avatar
      Wargfn -
      First article I have seen where people are suggesting their own favorites that are missing, very cool.
    1. LARedWolf995's Avatar
      LARedWolf995 -
      I agree, and great takes on the characters that are missing. Any word on OP character inclusion?
    1. TheDoubleBursts's Avatar
      TheDoubleBursts -
      There was ALREADY Avengers Disassembled. The Marvel OP's scheduled for late this year both movie tie-in's.

      (Yes, this is the first article on THIS site to cover missing characters/cards.)
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      I'm pretty sure we'll see Luke Cage (and maybe Moon Knight) in the Amazing Spider-Man set later this year.
    1. Bigred92's Avatar
      Bigred92 -
      Goodness no one that Invisible Woman wording. Don't you realize it would just flood the rules forum with "What does pay 1 refer to? Energy, life?"

      On a more serious note, I wouldn't be surprised if Luke and friends showed up later on in say The Amazing Spider-Man.
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wargfn View Post
      First article I have seen where people are suggesting their own favorites that are missing, very cool.
      We made some predictions of characters we were hoping for when AoU was announced. Then went back to see how close our guesses were. You can check that out here. http://www.thereservepool.com/conten...of-Ultron-Pred

      Evan took it a step further and actually made cards for some of the characters we thought should have made it.
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Re: Invisible Woman

      Why not use the icon already created for her?

    1. Wargfn's Avatar
      Wargfn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
      Evan took it a step further and actually made cards for some of the characters we thought should have made it.
      yeah, I was talking about actually making the cards. So I took it a step farther and pushed these characters into the Custom Community update 1.0.2 which I pushed to Vassal this morning

      This Custom Community module also got a nice TRP card which is now first card in the customs set. Such an amazing community here.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Nice read, and awesome job on the cards!