• Reserve Pool Sunday Edition - 6/29 to 7/5

    The return of the Sunday Edition! Yes, after a one week hiatus, we're back! And boy, is a lot going on...

    The Age of Ultron is Nearly Upon Us.

    We're really excited for the new set, and it's almost here. A couple of weeks ago, we had our common and uncommon review show on the podcast. This past week, we covered the rares and super rares. If you want to know more about the starter set, we have you covered there too - simply check out this video.

    In all, it's a pretty nice looking set. You can already play with these cards on Vassal if you'd like to see how things fit into your existing teams or build some brand new ones!

    If you're interested in the what-if game, check out some of Evan's thoughts on characters that we might be missing from AoU and what they could look like.

    Spider Man Spoilers Begin!

    Vendor solicits went out for the Spider Man set, and that means that we can try to figure out everything that we'll be getting in the set. Join the efforts here and see what we can identify. Already some characters that we were hoping for seem to be coming - like Drax and Carnage.

    While every set to this point had a secondary focus (AvX had the Fantastic, well, Three, Uncanny had plenty of Avengers, Justice League had some JSA, Age of Ultron has the Guardians, and so forth) it doesn't seem 100% clear yet what that secondary focus will be for Spider Man.


    If it's strategy that you want, we have everything you need right here too. This week's episode of The Attack Zone was all about effectively using your resources and disrupting your opponent's during a game of Dice Masters - a vital topic in a game that is about building your pool of dice.

    The Nefarious Geneticist continues to discuss my favorite format - draft - in his Reading the Rainbow series. First, he had the opportunity to discuss the game with Mike Elliott while at Dice Tower Con. If you want to learn a little more about the roots of the game and how Mike might try to draft a hand, give this a look - it's a treat.

    Also on the topic of drafting, a look at the quantity and quality of dice that you can and should draft, and how that may change based on the rainbow that you see on the table. Unlike previous Reading the Rainbow features, this one is not specific to a set (though it uses examples from familiar draft formats). Give it a read.

    Maybe you're looking for some team ideas before that constructed OP event. We like to talk about creative brews from time to time - even if they're not top-tier, this is how we get ideas! Randy shared his Doom's Day Device squad, which ultimately took second place at the organized play even that he brought it to. Speaking of which...

    Think Locally!

    Several weeks ago, while preparing for Worlds, I wrote an article extolling the virtues of local play. That's why we want to continue to bring you tales of our local and regional scenes with the hopes that you give us some of the same.

    I talk about my 2nd place finish at the Sidekicks & Shields Open in Morgantown.

    Isaac discusses a fun commons-only event at his store in Ohio.

    Randy tells us about how his Doom's Day Device team performed.

    * * *

    Ok, enough reading! Get out there and roll some dice!