• YGO Globals Review

    As we continue our trip through every global ability the game has to offer, our next stop is Yu-Gi-Oh. This is the least popular of all Dice Masters sets, but not for lack of effectiveness. There are some incredibly strong and useful globals that have yet to be replicated in other DM sets. Letís go through them, and see if thereís anything you need for your constructed team. Without further ado, the Yu-Gi-Oh globals. One unique thing YGO did was that there are no globals on ANY common or starter character.

    Doomcaliber Knight, Fiendish Fighter. When this global came out, it was the answer to my prayers. The Distraction global was the bane of my existence. When you attack, this global can keep all of your characters from being Distracted back. Just keep in mind, when you use this, it also prevents you from playing globals on those characters as well. Like many of the YGO globals weíre getting in to today, they didnít make a huge splash on release day. It took a couple weeks, maybe even months, before some of these global abilities really hit mainstream, competitive, play. This one was very popular around the time of U.S. and Canadian Nationals, but started getting phased out the more people started ditching Distraction. Iíll always love this card, even if itís not on every constructed team I build.

    Goblin Attack Force, Goblin Squad and Unruly Throng. Hereís where I admit my ignorance. About a month after YGO Dice Master was released, I got on ebay and purchased a set of commons and uncommons for just over $20. I donít have the funds to buy full gravity feeds of every set that comes out. But since I write for a Dice Masters site, I figured I should familiarize myself with all the sets, even if they donít particularly excite me. I browsed through the cards when I got them. I saw a few things I knew I wanted, like the uncommon Doomcaliber Knight and Ring of Magnetism. Then I kind of wrote the rest of the set off. About a month later I mentioned to someone how I wished there was a global that could force a character to block. Then they showed me this card. I HAVE this card. I just didnít pay enough attention. Woops. BTW, I love this global. So good with Overcrush. So good when you have D&D Adventurers trying to KO a monster. So good for attacking hit a Hulk and forcing someone to block him to trigger his damage. So many uses. I donít see this one going out of style anytime soon.

    Mystical Elf, Everlasting Support and Protector. (Copied from Avxís Take Cover) ďThereís not very many times when giving a character an extra point or two of defense is needed. Maybe it could come in handy against Overcrush, but if I had to choose between this and Smash for dealing with it, Iíd take Smash every time. Iíve found a few uses for this with UXMís Ant-Man, Pym Particles global. Take a high defense character, give them some extra defense, then flip the attack and defense when they attack. It might not be the most energy efficient, but itís pretty fun to pull off.Ē The only difference this time around is that you can bring this global on a character, freeing up one of your other basic action spots. Other than that, thereís nothing really new to say.

    Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon. WellÖ This guy is certainly a thing now, isnít he? Can you believe this card has been around for months!? Itís crazy how good heís becoming. Commonly referred to as BEWD, itís always been a great ability to buy some hard to reach characters early on. You can field some sidekicks, the next turn you can really jump ahead of the cost curve by using this global to drive the purchase cost down. Now, with Retaliation, there is a very practical use for KOing your own characters in addition to bringing down the price tag on that heavy hitter. Other times, itís just a character ability, like Solomon Grundy Born on a Sunday, that lends itself to being KOíd. Either way, you can find a way to gain multiple advantages by using a single bolt energy on this global.

    Lord of D., Dragonkin. Talk about situational. First off, you have to be using Dragons for this to be effective. Secondly, you have to NOT be using the uncommon Lord of D. I think this could be a really good global, depending on the team around it. If you are just trying to rush your opponent with low cost dragons (common Baby Dragon, starter Blue and Green Dragons, etc). Thereís some great dragon combos and strategy that take a bit longer to pull off. But if youíre going for the quick game, a buff global, and one that your opponent will VERY likely not be able to take advantage of, this might be right up your alley. The more I think about it, the more I DO like this because itís offensive or defensive, but mainly because your opponent canít benefit, since it only applies to dragons. Iíve said this in other places on this site and other articles Iíve written: If only we had a way to manufacture energy the way we can create energy with Iceman Too Cool For Words.

    Slifer the Sky Dragon, Lightning Blast. Say hello to the first rare single I purchased online. I was using Hulk Green Goliath on a regular basis at my local event scene, and this global is just what I needed. This global is great for KOing would-be blocking sidekicks, and triggering the AvX Hulkís abilities. When combined with Iceman TCFW, this global can wipe out some of the most stout characters. The one thing to keep in mind with this global, is to always keep in mind when you can play globals. If your opponent attacks, and you declare blockers, then you have the opportunity to deal a few points of damage that could ensure the KOs you want.

    Summoned Skull, Lightning Strike. This is THE most underrated global in the game currently. I mean, this is all my opinion, obviously. But when there so many strategies that rely on a character getting through for 10+ damage, the option of paying just a single energy to put them in your bag to possible roll and field next turnÖ. It just seems great. Or, this global can be used reactively. Letís say you have Constantine Hellblazer in the field. Your opponent forces him to attack, and doesnít block him, sending Constantine to the Used Pile, and hopefully for them, off the field for a couple turns. If you use this global, you can put Constantine right back in to your bag, without having to wait until you refill your bag.

    Thousand Dragon, Noxious Nostril Gust. So, you want to exclusively buy action die like with the Red Dragon global, but want to use it multiple times per turn like the BEWD? This is your guy. I like using the Red Dragon global whenever Iím going to be relying on action dice. Thereís only been a few times when Iíve wished I could use the global twice in a turn. It definitely take the right kind of team to utilize him, but Iím sure that team is out there. Maybe itís an Adventurer/Gear team that uses some Prismatic Spray, Fireball, or Anger Issues. Again, the upside to this guy is that you can build a very specific team with this ability, and your opponent will not likely be able to take advantage of it as much as you.

    Slifer the Sky Dragon, Thunderforce Attack. This one is tough. The only time I see this global working well is if you can use it to get the win. This global is so counterproductive to future turns. It specifically disrupts the ramp that most teams work very hard to establish. But it DOES present an option to deal three of four damage in an instant. This could be paired nicely with PXG and Iceman TCFW. Pay one or two to send sidekicks to your prep area, then use the Iceman global to get energy to move those sidekicks from the prep back to used, dealing a single damage each time. The only time I see this being useful is if you are just a few point away from winning, and brought this global along to slam the door.

    Horn of the Unicorn. Same as AvXís Invulnerability, and UXMís Enrage: ďThis one is fun, but really didnít become lethal until UXM came out and we got a hold of Iceman, Too Cool For Words. So you pay and get lots of s, then use all of those s to pump up the attack value of a character with this global. Keep in mind, itís always nice to wait until blockers are declared before using this global. On more than one occasion Iíve had more attackers than my opponent block. So I attacked with everyone, and the one character that gets through unblocked can suddenly have a few extra points of attack.Ē If itís not broke, donít fix it.

    Mirror Force. Same as AvXís Smash! and UXMís Selective Shield: ďThis global had some use here and there while trying to keep some blockers alive. But now, with the advent of Overcrush, this global could become very important. If you use this global on a character with Overcrush once they have been blocked, you would not receive any Overcrush damage. This could become VERY important moving forward. Thereís also a combo that this can play a part in with Phoenix, Jeannie. Attack with Jeannie, force a character to block her, then use this global on your own Jeannie ensuring that she doesnít knock out the character sheís engaged with. But like I said, I think this global has its brightest and most useful days ahead of it.Ē

    Mystic Box. Same as UXMís Transfer Power: ďWhen I first saw this global, I thought to myself, ďThat looks like a really fun global.Ē Then I had it used against me. This is #2 on my most hated global list, right behind Distraction. The best use of this global Iíve seen is when itís coupled with Human Paladin. Lesser Emerald Enclave. You have a really beefy character in the field. I attack with two sidekicks. You know Iím going to use Transfer Power, but youíre not worried because you are sitting on a few energy to transfer it right back. So you block one of my sidekicks. I pay a and steal your beefy characterís attack value. Then you pay a to steal it rightÖ no you donít. My Human Paladin doesnít let you target my characters with globals. So you will take that 6, 7, or 8 damage I just stole from you. And thereís not a thing you can do. This global can be SO aggro and SO controlling all at the same time.Ē

    Sword of Revealing Light. Same as UXMís Relentless: ďThis global has become pretty popular among teams that try to swing for 20 damage in one turn, and rightfully so. You either use it early in the game when your opponent only has one or two potential blockers, or you can use it late in the game after you sweep for damage using Hulk/Dragons/Fireball, leaving one or two characters left. This global is fun on a casual level, and lethal on a world level.Ē

    So, what did you think? Anything new jump out at you? Go ahead and let me know in the comments below. And next time, we'll be taking a look at D&D Battle For Faerun.

    Roll On.
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    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      I will say that I really like the Mystic Box global. Yes, it's identical to Transfer Power, but because it's on a YGO card and because the action itself is kinda complicated, a lot of people will overlook it. I had it used against me to great effect long before Dean included it on his Worlds team.
    1. bahamut7's Avatar
      bahamut7 -
      Yea, upon reading it, it's like a one way polymorph with a gamble. I have only seen it used for its global, but I would love to see it used for its action optimally.