• TRP Podcast 58: Building Your Local Scene

    In this episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave and Evan tackle one of the most important topics that we can address - building your local scene. As we've discussed in numerous articles, forum posts, and other various ramblings, a strong local scene is the grassroots for a game like this, the only way that larger events can continue to happen and be viable. We'll take you through the things that we've seen and tried and develop some "best practices" as you build and maintain your local!

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    1. DavidH's Avatar
      DavidH -
      I'm curious if anyone has noticed a change in event attendance during the summer. My usual DM game store scene has fizzled a bit over the past month. I would not be surprised if I were the only one to show up for the AoU sealed event on Thursday.

      I've tried to build up my local DM scene since UXM with no luck. I've used the suggestions mentioned in the podcast and a few not covered. So I drive an hour to play and support the closest store that supports the game.

      i have two last cards to play: 1. lure out players to events with the offer of trades (nothing so far) and 2. if Wiz Kids hold another regional event, then I can try to entice some MTG players to help me prepare for it and hope some convert from the dark side.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      Our attendance at the last one was a little lower than normal, but there were three on vacation, one was on call for work that weekend, and two more were at weddings, so it was expected. That's the summer for you.
    1. systemskill's Avatar
      systemskill -
      I haven't listened to this yet so I dunno if you guys mention this but I'm about to get a casual night set up at my local downtown library!

      I just spoke with someone from the Young Adult section (cuz get em while they're young) as they are usually in charge of gaming events, but I've also noticed a bunch of teens playing magic here. I told him I wanted to set up something all ages. We exchanged contact info and I'm going to email him tonight with more info.