• This Sunday-The Reserve Pool Age of Ultron YouTube Event

    The age of Ultron is upon us. This is a set we have all been looking forward to for quite some time, and as some who has always been one to "Make Mine Marvel!" I am excited to see what this new collection will have to offer. I just recently re-read the Age of a Ultron storyline and now I am even more excited to get this new set.

    Many of you should have those long-awaited gravity feeds, starter sets, collectors boxes and playmats in your hands by now, or maybe you will this weekend. Some of you have attended or plan to attend kick-off events, drafts, get-togethers with friends or may plan to open all of your stuff at home. I personally cannot wait for this weekend, because not only do I get to crack into my gravity feed, I get to do it with some new friends and you too can join us in that experience!

    This Sunday, July 19th I will be traveling to the great city of Akron to join fellow Reserve Pool-ers @Dave, @JThomash2 and @Randy for a day of celebrating the release of the Age of Ultron. We will be opening up packs and talking about what we get and what we like about the set. We will also line up against each other in some all AoU-specific games and maybe even try our hand at a doubles match. (Dave and I have finally gotten over our last experience with doubles)

    We will be recording a roundtable discussion and would love to know what topics or questions you would like to hear us discuss. Submit your questions in the comments below and we may get a chance to answer them.

    So if you would like to join us, we will be live on our YouTube channel here starting around 11:00 am discussing and celebrating this new addition to the Dice Masters family. Hope to see you there!
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    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      What are the best ways to level up Giant Man in set? Out of set?
      How impactful is Wasp in actual play?
      How impactful is the capture mechanics & repercussions of Ultron & Ultrons drones in actual play?
      Is flipping Wonder-Man's affiliation mid game worth it?
      How useful are the new affiliation mechanics - Teamwatch and Teamwork?
      Does Hulk Out break the game? How easy is it to find counters in set? Out of set?