• Dice Masters Events at Gencon 2015

    I'm beginning to get that Gencon fever. The world's largest gaming convention is only two weeks away. Let's lay out what we know about the Dice Masters events happening there. (Spoiler: there's more than just the WizKids events!)

    WizKids Events

    For starters, the WizKids rainbow drafts sold out pretty much right after tickets went on sale. If you want to try to get into one of them, show up during one of the events times--Thursday - Saturday 11am to 5pm or Sunday at 11am--with $12 worth of generic tickets. If someone doesn't show up, you may be able to squeak in. Last week Friday, WizKids also added "Quick Play" events, happening on the same schedule as the rainbow drafts. These are single-elimination constructed events, so be sure to pack your cards and dice! There are some nice prizes and promos available. See our Gencon Events thread for full details.

    Late Night Tournaments

    So while Wizkids events are great, I really want to take a moment to highlight the Dice Masters Late Night Tournaments. After the initial batch of rainbow drafts sold out so quickly, a couple of members of the Dice Masters Community sought to fill the need for more events, and they're doing it in style. You can find them here on TRP as @TheDoubleBursts , but they also their own Gencon event website at http://www.doublebursts.com/gencon/. If you go there, you'll see that there will be one tournament each night Thursday-Saturday, beginning at 9pm and that they are are Unlimited, Swiss events.

    These events promise to be the biggest and thus probably the most competitive events at Gencon this year. Whereas with this Wizkids events, you're trying to best 7 other players, the Late Night Tournaments have up to 24 players. And actually that is a soft limit. They've been pre-approved by Gencon to take in more players if needed.

    So while winning the Late Night Tournaments confers more bragging rights (because of the larger player count), it's great to get some prizes too. As mentioned before, the organizers aren't taking half-measures in running these tournaments. They've got a great prize pool--cash, OP and promo cards (including some of the very same offered at the WizKids events earlier in the day), plus an exclusive playmat! They've shown me the art for them, and it's sweet!

    These events were not listed during the original flurry of event ticket purchases, so they still have plenty of tickets left. If you're pretty sure you're going to attend one of these events, go ahead and buy those tickets now. It helps the organizers plan for the level of interest and will give them some advance notice if they need to bump up the 24 player limit. Besides, there's very little risk in buying the tickets now. How's that? Here's a Gen PROTIP: if you get to Gencon and then decide you can't make it to an event you prepurchased a ticket for, don't give it away or throw it out! Just take your ticket to the sales area and an agents will either give you generic tickets as a replacement or will put the value of that ticket on your account for future purchases (your choice). Even if you don't spend that account balance, it will carry over and can be spent at Gencon in future years. They're pretty organized when it comes to account credit.

    What they're not as organized with is the events page, which can be a bit of a pain to use, so here are direct links to each of the late night tournaments. You can purchase your tickets there:

    Thursday Night at 9pm
    Friday Night at 9pm
    Saturday Night at 9pm

    I will be at all 3 of the late night tournaments running recording equipment so TRP can provide coverage of the events! We will also be covering the WizKid events earlier in the day too! If you're there, please say, "Hi." I want to meet you!

    I hope to see you in two weeks!
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    1. TheDoubleBursts's Avatar
      TheDoubleBursts -
      We are beyond excited for The Reserve Pool's presence at our Late Night Tournaments!!
    1. RCAbney's Avatar
      RCAbney -
      Looking forward to meeting you all.
    1. TheDoubleBursts's Avatar
      TheDoubleBursts -
      Due to State Laws and us being Canadian, the idea of cash is too much work. We will have a sealed gravity feed of Age of Ultron for each of the three nights. The amount of boosters awarded will be based upon the number of attendees. At maximum attendance, the whole box worth of packs will be awarded to first and second place of the night.