• TRP Podcast 59: Running Events

    Dave and Evan continue the discussion from episode number 58 and narrow the focus. Where last time we discussed building your scene, this time we look at the centerpiece of many local groups - the events. Monthly or weekly, draft or constructed, we share the things that we've found to be best practices, whether from the player's perspective or the tournament organizer's.

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    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      OBELISK WHYYYY!!! When i first played him, i couldn't summon him the whole day, not in any of my four matches. I lost because when you buy him without a BEWD, it destroys your ramp one turn and you need 2 turns to build it up again.
      I guess, i was not worthy that time. Maybe i didn't sacrefieced enough Monsters with enough Purchase cost for him(this YGO theme^^) and also he is a Agyptian GOD and can only summoned by Kaiba.

      After that i had an Idea for the Dicetower i made out of a Starter-set-Box. The Idea came from Avengers 2. If i am not worthy maybe the Dicetower is?!?
      And yes the Starterbox is worthy to summon him. Well ok, I have sacrefiece 1 - 3 Sheeps or goats (not real ones!^^) everytime i want to bring him to field. But thats ok for winning, except the cleaning afterwards.

      Sounds crazy i know but it is trueee!!
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      recognizing when to mix up the event themes to keep unlimited nights fresh is also important. Utilizing a local FB site to gather the communities ideas for themes is a great way to determine which people prefer and to vet them.