• Local Event, 7-16 Rainbow Draft

    So, we had our first Age of Ultron Draft event, just as many of you have over the past few days. There were only five of us there this time around. Let’s keep this intro short and sweet. I arrived, we bought our packs, sat down, and started drafting.

    I have a video of my draft process in the works, but due to our big release weekend live stream extravaganza yesterday, I was a little crunched for time. The video will be out some time this week. But here’s the gist: I didn’t have too much going on in my first set of six boosters, but a couple different options in my second set. My first set saw my first pick was common Giant-Man. I figured that no matter what my strategy was, I could always use a decent three cost. And if I ran across the uncommon Giant-Man, I would already have the dice to upgrade. Then I was passed the common Ultron. I had the common Ultron Drone in my second set. I saw there were only two Ultrons and Ultron Drones in the whole draft, but I had one of them. I figured, “Why not?” With only two of each of those characters, I could basically guarantee that no one else would be going for it. I managed to draft both Ultrons, but only one of the Drones. Other great draft picks were the common and uncommon Beast, again, the only two Beasts in the whole draft. I played the uncommon. If I didn’t see anything worthwhile, I made sure to go for the low cost characters. This scored me two common Pepper Potts. As I mentioned on the most recent episode of The Attack Zone, I like common Enchantress and was able to snag her for some solid Abenger-hate. And I drafted uncommon Gamora, the one with the global to KO a blocked or blocking character after combat. I rounded out my team with commons Phil Coulson and Kang. Nothing good, but I could find some usefulness if I had to resort to those purchases.

    We opted to use any basic actions across all sets since some of the players hadn’t purchased Age of Ultron. I chose Hulk Out and Cone of Cold. The strategy was to buy a bunch of my two cost purchases early: uncommon Beast, Hulk Out, and Ultron Drone were my go-to choices, but I also had Pepper Potts and Phil Coulson to fall back on if needed. I’d use my two costs to work towards buying Ultron. Once Ultron was out, I’d use my Ultron Drone to capture, dealing damage. My Beast would gain me some life. And if I was getting energy, I could keep my opponent at bay with all of my fist energy and Gamora’s global. If my opponent was Avenger heavy, I would go for Enchantress… but probably not before Ultron. I was very happy and confident with my drafted squad. View my team here.

    My first round… I had a bye. So after I drafted this team I was super happy with, I sat around for another 30 min or so. Sigh. On to round two.

    Oh man, facing JT. If you remember, last time we played it was in a constructed match last week, and I beat the pants off him. Just saying. Anyways, I’m pretty sure I had the two perfect turns to start this game. Turn one: buy Ultron Drone and Beast. Turn two: buy Beast and Hulk Out. Turn three I rolled four dice and got six energy. Purchased Ultron. I was off to the races. I was fielding Beasts and attack, JT was letting him through to keep me from gaining life. I got Ultron out on level 3, and attacked with a Drone. He let the Drone through. I was happy with all of this. He was afraid to trigger my characters abilities, so he kept taking damage. Then it happened. That Gamora global bit me in the butt. I had Ultron on level 3, I rolled Hulk Out, and had a couple fists. So I forced an opposing Sidekick to block my Overcrushing Ultron. JT blocked with the Sidekick, took the 7 damage or so, and paid a to KO Ultron. Crap. So I rolled him again next turn. Again, level 3. So I fielded him. The next turn JT attacked with his common Gamora, using my Ultron Drone’s global to force my Ultron to block… KO’d Ultron again. My next turn, I rolled Ultron on level 3 AGAIN, and got Beast in the field. I attacked with Beast, and JT let him through. JT was down to 1 life, while I was sitting around 9. On his next turn, he fielded a character or two, used the Relentless global that he brought so Ultron couldn’t block, and attacked for the win. Ugh! I was so happy with the team I drafted… what went wrong?

    Here’s what I learned. If you plan on using a big tanky character (like Ultron), do NOT bring the uncommon Gamora. That Gamora is perfect for a Super Sidekick team, where you have chump blockers to throw left and right, pay a , and KO the opposing character. That global does not belong on a team that builds to a big six cost character or wants to utilize Overcrush. Secondly, I did not draft as good of a team as I thought. I KNEW there were only two Ultron Drones. And I KNEW I was only guaranteed one of them. I could see the dice right there on the table. But I thought “I’ll make it work”. Nope. Only have one common Ultron Drone to try to trigger Ultron’s damage is not reliable. I should have known that, but I drafted towards it anyways. Beast was great, and I should have just used him. I could have brought that Ultron Drone along to force a blocker in to beast now and again, but I chose the wrong strategy based on the number of dice I drafted. I have no doubt that if I could have replaced a few of my less exciting draft picks (Thor) with an Ultron Drone or two, this would have been a completely different game. But only having one Drone crippled my strategy. Also, constantly rolling Ultron on level 3 was tough. Yea, the stats are nice, but that fielding cost is rough. Every turn I fielded Ultron, I couldn’t do anything else. I was handcuffed to that fielding cost. That might not have been so bad if there were more Drones going through my bag as well. But that wasn’t the case.

    Having a bye and losing in my second round game automatically meant I wasn’t going to be able to win. My third round opponent was Rob. We’ve talked about Rob before. Great guy. He pulled a full art Zombie Magneto during the draft, so that was really cool to see. You know, just seeing he pulled a $125 card. No biggie. Rob’s strategy was all around uncommon Wasp. I want to tell you guys right now, if you know that your rainbow draft will allow basic actions from any set, this Wasp becomes an instant win condition. I’m just going to fast forward to the last turn. I had Ultron and a Sidekick in play, while Rob had just fielded his second Wasp, giving him two Wasps and two Sidekicks in play. I think Rob was still at 20 life, while I was at 12. His two Wasps were levels 1 and 3. His basic actions were Enrage and Relentless. He had two masks and a bolt in his Reserve Pool. He paid both masks to use Relentless, so neither of my fielded characters could block. Using this global pumped his Wasps up from 2/2 and 3/4 to 3/3 and 4/5. Then he used Enrage’s global to increase the attack of the level 1 Wasp to 4. Now, both Wasps’ ability triggered again since a new global was played. The level 1 Wasp was now 5/4 and the level 3 was 5/6. He attacked with both, plus the Sidekicks to deal 12 damage. And there was nothing I could do about it. Ouch.

    So, after drafting a team I was very satisfied with, I had a bye, then lost two straight. Rough day at the office. JT and Andy were still playing their final game when I left. I wasn’t being a poor sport, I just had to get going. You know, kids and stuff. I feel I really learned a lot about this new draft landscape, and can’t wait to lick my wounds, and come back strong next week.
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    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Sometimes you eat the bear, Randy, and sometimes the bear eats you.
    1. Zubu's Avatar
      Zubu -
      This sounds exactly the same as my Draft. Got that same combo and thought it would be awesome.....yeah it failed me although I was able to make top 8 of 18 . Alas this combo is not as strong as it seemed. Field cost of ultron was too brutal to keep up with the teams that had low cost low fielded characters.
    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      Also had one Ultron and one drone. I only got the combo one time in three games. I also brought the unblockable Thanos and two other 5 costs, Loki and Captain Marvel. Learned a good lesson in draft economics. My daughter made big noise with Pepper Pots +2D and lots of cheap characters though.
    1. VastSpartan's Avatar
      VastSpartan -
      I had the same cards you did. The common Ultron but I got two drones in my separate booster packs. There were four drones on the table and I got two so I lucked out there. I also got the vanilla Giant Man's which were great. Along with the Common Red Skull. I had a great team using Gearing up so I can cycle my dice along with getting extra energy for those nasty fielding costs. Polymorph to upgrade my Giant Man's. I did have a great team (I was an idiot not picking up a common Gamora). I do remember seeing that Gamora Global and instantly went ".........This is bad. This will bite me in the ass for sure"

      I didnt have much sleep along with an empty stomach when I went to my draft and lost the first 2 games. Wasnt until I got something out the vending machine and ate where I won my last game pretty decisively.