• TRP Podcast 60: AoU Roundtable

    In this very special 60th episode of The Reserve Pool, Dave, Isaac, JT, and Randy gather together - in person - to discuss a plethora of Dice Masters topics. RJRetro joins remotely! We discuss everything from ways to play in person and online to our thoughts on specific cards from the new Age of Ultron set. We also talk a little bit about the games that we just played in the hours before recording this one.

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    1. Hilgendwarf's Avatar
      Hilgendwarf -
      I think we could have some cool synergy with Captain Marvel and an additional character. Obviously there's the Giant Man synergy, but I'm thinking Hulk: Big Green Bruiser could be really cool as well. Keep spinning up Hulk to Level 3 and let his Overcrush keep being a constant threat.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      This was a blast! Fun day with some great guys.
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Great roundtable podcast. Fun to hear the shout out from Origins. Great to hear everyone's discussion about my questions. Thanks guys! Great job!