• Streaming from Gencon - Part 1.5

    This week I was going to give you the fully skinny on our Gencon recording rig, but I just arrived in Indy and have some loose ends to tie up, so I'll just post a couple pictures of the majority of the setup with the details to be posted next week.

    Don't forget that Late Night Tournaments still have some tickets left, so grab 'em while you can. Since this is the first year for them it's anybody's guess if they'll suddenly sell out now that the on-site sales stations are opening.

    Anyway, for those interested on to a couple the recording rig pictures! Unfortunately I didn't have a lot of space around the recording setup when I took these, so they're not the best, but they'll have to do for now:

    I hope to see some of you tomorrow!
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    1. fun4willis's Avatar
      fun4willis -
      This looks like a seriously sweet setup!! Props sir.
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      The playmat is especially genius and should lend itself much better to getting all the information in an easy-to-see area.
    1. timbowyer's Avatar
      timbowyer -
      @Dave I second that. Looks great!!!! Only wish I had a few of these for my local store!!!!!
    1. spidermaxx's Avatar
      spidermaxx -
      Playmat turned out well in the end
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Would it be beneficial to pre-print colored indicator cards and supply the Basic Action Dice? You could choose colors that show up clearly and are more easily distinguished.
    1. Jerry_Damage01's Avatar
      Jerry_Damage01 -
      Will you be streaming on Twitch? If so what's your ID?