• GenCon Live Updates

    6:34 - Abigail is 2-0 against me in Uno. I quit.

    5:22 - And still losing. I haven't won a single match all day. I still got some cool event promos, but I can't get a win. While JT finishes up today, I'm going to go play Uno with Abigail.

    3:39 - Nothing newsworthy today. Just playing in constructed events. And losing.

    12:34 - First constructed event had 6 people. I played JT first. He beat me 2-0. I may not invite him to come with me to GenCon again. But after my early elimination I went and bought the new VS System LCG. So... that's a win? I will probably play some casual games between now and the 3 pm constructed event.

    10:38 - Here and ready for the first constructed event. Let's roll.

    9:25 - Well... we're here. Now just trying to find a place to park.

    7:05 - Bon Jovi said it best. "Woah-oh! We're halfway there." Abigail is a champ so far. Long drive isn't phasing her. Probably stop soon for bathroom break.

    4:44 - On the road a minute earlier than expected. Woohoo! Indy, here we come!

    Throughout the day I'll be updating on all things Dice Masters going on at GenCon. I will be leaving the house by 4:15 am EST with my daughter Abigail, we will pick up our good buddy JT ( @jthomash2 ) and get to Indianapolis around 9:00 am. Wish us luck!
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    1. SarkhanMad's Avatar
      SarkhanMad -
      Go Abigail!.... she is drafting, right?
    1. fun4willis's Avatar
      fun4willis -
      Quote Originally Posted by SarkhanMad View Post
      Go Abigail!.... she is drafting, right?
      I read that "...she is driving, right?"
    1. IgwanaRob's Avatar
      IgwanaRob -
      Good luck!
    1. KingMatticus's Avatar
      KingMatticus -
      Good luck! Use the common vixen! She's a beast!
    1. Jerry_Damage01's Avatar
      Jerry_Damage01 -
      Common Vixen?!? It's not that cut throat is it?
    1. Jerry_Damage01's Avatar
      Jerry_Damage01 -
      Are they streaming matches? If so how do we watch?
    1. Indy Mon's Avatar
      Indy Mon -
      What teams did you and JT bring?
    1. AlexPezzotta's Avatar
      AlexPezzotta -
      Buck up kid, if you win 1 tomorrow or lose less then 5 times you should be ahead right?
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Where's Day 2? @Randy ?
    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Just 1 day for JT and myself. Drove out Friday morning, home Friday night.