• Sunday Edition 8/2

    It's been a whirlwind week for us at TRP. Dave has been on vacation, and somehow we haven't burnt the place down in his absence. Woohoo! Here's what we've been up to...

    We've had two new entries in to the AoU chapter of Reading the Rainbow, with episodes 4 and 5 from @Shadowmeld

    The latest episode of The Attack Zone looked at what cards could come out of AoU and impact the constructed landscape moving forward. Spoiler: you may be surprised at our thoughts on Zombie Magneto.

    We had just a bit of news on the TMNT front. Nothing groundbreaking, but some news none the less. We now know it's expected to hit in January.

    @Scorpion0x17 gave us a in-depth look in to the content of your dice bag. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on if you should tell your opponent, when to tell your opponent, and if it's lefal or even courteous for them to be able to ask you how many dice are in your bag. Feel free to throw your thoughts in the comments section of that article.

    @RJRETRO finally graced the flagship podcast with his presence, as he and @Dave looked at their top 10 AvX cards to own, as well as a plethora of other segments. This episode of the podcast has gotten some great feedback, so check it out.

    @isaacbv continued to walk us through the Transition Zone, as some of us move from being a casual player with friends and family members to being more prepared for competetive play against other more dedicated player in the Dice Masters community. This week, he looked at team building.

    Last but not least, we had GenCon. We didn't get a whole lot of news, per say, but we did get a look at the Amazing Spider-Man playmat. @Ken has an awesome camera set-up for recording some late night events. And my very own running journal of Friday Dice Masters constructed events. I started the journal, hoping we'd get some more news and info coming out of GenGen. Oh well. You will be able to read about some more in-depth analysis in the coming days about how our constructed teams did, what our teams were, and anything else of interest.