• Reading the Rainbow Age of Ultron Draft Episode 6 Knowing What You Need

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about tough decisions we can have in a pack with many choices. Today it looks like we are going to be stuck with quite the opposite problem. We will take a look at our two packs and see if there is anything we can build around to give us a solid synergy. If we don't find solid synergy, we'll talk about what to look for and knowing what we want to take to flesh out our team after just the first two cards.

    Here is our friendly Rainbow.

    Here is our first pack:

    Some good stuff in here, but not much that screams win condition.

    Pepper Potts 6, This is perhaps the worst Pepper for Draft. Tinhead is good, but he's not so good we want to field this version over others just to churn out Tinheads.
    Maria Hill 4, This Maria Hill is actually a pretty awesome ramp mechanic for AoU. The only downside is getting cheap shields with low fielding costs or really good when fielded abilities. The only characters we have that fit the ill are Maria and Coulson, and eventually Groot at a 4 cost. I will say, if you combo her with the common Groot, that's not a bad wall, but walls don't help you win, they help you not lose.
    Hyperion 4, This guy could be a devastating win condition if we gave him Overcrush and made his blocker a villain. He's a bit expensive for draft, but he's definitely cheap enough that we could make him happen in most games. This guy is so far on top for choices.
    Wonder Man 4, My Favorite guy out of this set, and this is my personal favorite version. Remember, his second sentence isn't tied to the first, his ability works even if you're not below 11 life. As for pick quality, he'd be a good pick half way through a pack, especially if you are building villains.
    Rocket Raccoon 2, Only two dice of this guy, and one of them is an UC. This version of him is the worst, and he gives you very little pressure on your opponent if you by him.
    Ultron 4, No drones here, we should save this guy for a very late pick and just take him as a fist villain with big stats.
    Red Skull 5, Expensive field costs on characters you want to KO is relatively counter intuitive. Combined with the fact that your opponent can ignore his ability early game if you haven't taken any damage, and this guy just has no punch for his cost.
    Pepper Potts 6, This Potts is a much better draft version. However, she's far from being related to a win condition. If you're desperate for cheap bolts then I might recommend her, but SHIELD Agents are generally better.
    Loki 3, This guy is Amazing. he's one of the best counter and control cards in his set. However, as strong as his control is, it's not control that would win you a game. I will shut down some serious threats, but he is a significant purchase in draft for something tat you have to pay to counter other things. Maybe if his attack stats were higher he could challenge Hyperion.
    Jocasta 4, This girl is slightly useful in draft to help you get a fractional discount on action dice. However, triggering her most times involves the same amount of energy you would save, and thus her discount is useless.
    Gamora 7, This version of Gamora is pretty solid.Cheap die for stats, ability to kill anything as a blocker and can be equally as aggressive if paired with Ultron global.
    Enchantress 6, She's expensive, but with a good fielding cost and a decent when fielded ability to deal direct damage. Also don't forget her solid attack stats. However, She's a bit weak on being a full fledged win condition.

    Looking over this next pack, man are the pickings rather sparse.

    Red Skull 5, This version of Red Skull is slightly better than the other, but still suffers from High Fielding costs on a character that has a when KOed ability. I did just think about using Infiltrate to trigger his effect though.
    Pepper Potts 6, This Pepper is interesting. She has a really powerful when fielded ability, but in set it's difficult to get her killed so you can use it often. Might be worth ringing though if you were using any of the Spiderwoman cards.
    Beast 4, This Beast is a great card. You can field him, attack with him and if he dies it helps you. If he gets through he's got great attack stats. Also, cheap fielding cost and fist energy means he's a great friend to Ultron teams and their Globals.
    Thor 4, She's expensive. Honestly, the only thing I would use her for is if I was going for the Uncommon Odin, Thor combo, and thought my scene was slow enough to let me ramp that high.
    Thanos 4, Another expensive beatstick. The discount this guy gets is probably too late for a purchase to turn into an actual fielding though. Don't take him expecting your opponent to let you get low, then buy a bunch of threats and wait for you to field them.
    Star-Lord 4, This guy is the worst. His Teamwatch gives defense, on a turn you want to attack. His stats are less than average, and his TFC is atrocious. This might be Vixen in a helmet.
    Hyperion 4, This guy isn't the win condition that the rare is, but if we find nothing else, we can just take two dice of our win con and hope we get good in he other packs.
    Captain Universe 4, Would you like to pay a tone of energy, so you can get a little bit of Energy? Then boy do i have the card for you! She has decent stats, but a ridiculous fielding cost and her ability is likely to only prep one die for you.
    Daredevil 4, This guy is a good pick up mid draft, he's got decent stats and an ability that circumvents a minute portion of the population. More importantly, he fills the 3 cost curve, and brings fists to help you use the Ultron globals.
    Black Widow 2, Cheap, low stats, and a situational ability. She's worth it if you want cheap masks, but we're only likely to get 2 of them, so she's really just there for economic curve filler.

    Well, looking back over our second pack we had the option to take Beast, Pepper Pots of an extra Hyperion. I would recommend taking the Beast for a few reasons. First, he's cheap and aggressive, which plays into our win strategy. Second he wants to get KOed and can help mitigate the capture teams strategies by getting himself killed and gaining us life instead of staying in the field and costing us life. Lastly, even if we don't get the Drone Global, it is likely someone else will bring it, and that would be good for us to have fists for, so we can force villains to block Hyperion.

    With so few options in these first two packs, we need to know what we're looking for to flesh out our team as the next few packs come around. Personally I would be on the look out for at least 1 Iron Man Tinhead, so I can manufacture villains and give Hyperion Overcrush with something cheap like Hulk out. Other things to look out for are protection cards and utility cards so we can force our Hyperion to the target we want. An Ultron Drone pick up denies the die to our opponent and gives us a global that helps Hyperion lock on target. We could also get solid use out of characters that help me build up a wall until I can get Hyperion online, or cards that help recycle or guarantee action dice.

    As we cycle through, we will be looking for the tools we need to make Hyperion a ridiculous beatstick. To that note, if you can ever buy Hyperion, do it. In draft it's better to buy 1 big guy than 2 smaller ones, though sometimes it's better to buy one smaller and save energy for mitigating your opponent's threats. For this team though, every turn you haven't yet purchased a Hyperion, is a turn that you're no winning the game and your opponent is.

    Player 2 Takes the uncommon Pepper Pots, and the second Rocket Die, locking in his Mammal Monopoly.
    Player 1 Takes Gamora and Daredevil, Bring on those cheap fist characters!
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    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Only two Iron Man dice kinda stinks. You might have to dedicate a BAC to that global to make Hyperion work (but he does work well with Hulk Out or Anger Issues. Only 3 Loki, so you're not likely to get another shot at him. Could also "hate draft" Ultron. Personally, I think I'd grab Loki and Beast.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Agreed on the iron man, but the fact that if you miss him you can grab a BAC helps alot.

      Loki is good, but he doesn't help us win directly. If I were to get into a duel with someone else that didn't have a solid win plan loki would be the best. But having a plan to win puts me one step ahead of the loki teams.

      Plan to win before you plan on how not to lose.
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      I totally agree, but you will see Odin and Enchantress passed to you. And those are not maybe the best win conditions, but Loki shuts down Hyperion. There are only 3, having one can't be bad. I think the analysis is dead on. Loki doesn't win the game. But given your other choices and the board, he is an option, I think.