• TRP Site Updates

    We have five quick site related notes for all of you today.

    1) Winners of the Year 1 Mega Contest will now receive 4 ZenBins in addition to the previously announced prizes! And these ZenBins are the thicker, deluxe Smoke variety (see picture)!

    2) Age of Ultron card scans and colon codes should be coming next week.

    3) The TRP Employment Agency is reopening. If you want to help us complete a simple task, go to the linked thread at noon (Eastern time) on Saturday to find out how. Since you get contest chances for helping out (hundreds of chances will again be available), we're pre-announcing the opportunity this time so more people can take part if they wish.

    4) Gencon Updates. Gencon was awesome, as always. Six TRP folks (as in people involved running the site/podcast) met up at the same time, which might be a first. See how many you can identify in this picture. We also met many, many site members and fans. Thanks everyone for saying hi!

    I recorded the late night tournaments and I hope to get the processing done so they can start showing up next week as well. They'll just be straight up recordings of the games to start with, one game per round. Quick story: Recording was fairly uneventul except for on Thursday night, at midnight when the convention hall lights all turning off due to an automatic off timer that wasn't cancelled. We were in the middle of recording the finals match for that night. When the lights went off, our recording lights were the only lights on in the main part of the giant gaming hall (think a couple city blocks in size). When the videos come out, watch for the players reactions to things suddenly going dark! It took several minutes for the lights to go back on, but thanks to us having our own battery-operated recording lights, game play was not interrupted.

    5) Trade Database I'm waaay behind on updating the cards available in trade database. It will be a couple of weeks before we're back up to date. Sorry 'bout that. I'll get better, promise.

    --Happy gaming!
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    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Any way to crowd-source the Trade Database? Would love to help if you need it or if there's something that can be done without having access. Creating a CSV file for easy import?
    1. digitallimit's Avatar
      digitallimit -
      Still waiting on mah bins.
    1. TheDoubleBursts's Avatar
      TheDoubleBursts -
      @Ken, I have the time in the coming week or two to work on these videos to create a Reserve Pool overlay to snazz it up a little. I have Adobe Premiere and a decent computer to do the work on. Its the least I can do for you recording the events. That way you and the guys can all approve the look before the videos go up on The Reserve Pool site.
    1. jigsawhc's Avatar
      jigsawhc -
      Thanks for the update!