• Reading the Rainbow Age of Ultron Draft Episode 7 The Rent is Too Damn High

    Welcome back folks! Last time we looked at having very few choices, and how we make a plan and look for what we need. Today we delve into a subject that was a political catch phrase of yesteryear, "The Rent is Too Damn High." Sometimes, we will get solid mid to late game cards in our packs, but almost no quality early game picks. We know that early game picks go quickly in drafts, so sometimes we need to figure out a way to work ourselves out of the hole, and hope that quality cards come passing our way.

    Here is our Friendly neighborhood Rainbow:

    Let's get these first few packs open and rolling:

    Captain Marvel 3, This rare is a bit expensive, for an ability that doesn't help you if you're already winning. Over all, her 5 cost versions are just so much better. We could probably expect this one to wheel, unless someone is rare drafting.
    Enchantress 6, Expensive, (which I'm sure is going to be a pretty common descriptor for today's article) but she gives temporary spot removal, and can be combed with Ultron for some capture damage and solid stat beat downs.
    Groot 3, This Groot is very thematic, but over all Lack luster without some level manipulation. Perhaps if we could get the Uncommon Captain Marvel, or if we brought polymorph.
    Odin 6, This guy is an expensive Pepper Potts common. While he might be good after you've bought and fielded everything else, he's definitely not a guy you want to prioritize.
    Spider-Woman 7, She's a bit evasive, but without effects that force your opponent to spin down, you're going to only really get past sidekicks, and even then not for much damage.
    Moondragon 4, This ability is absolutely useless without the Ant-Man global, and even then takes a ridiculous amount of time to work. If you end up going Guardians though, the could make for a better wall than Groot.
    Star-Lord 4, Star Lord in general is the last Guardian you want to pick up. His stats aren't great for his cost, and this ability is rather lack luster, as are most of his other ones.
    Captain Universe 4, Have I mentioned the word expensive today?
    Daredevil 4, Cheap 3 cost fist, but most of the other 3 cost fists in this set have better stats. Doesn't mean you don't take him in this heavy top loaded pack, but, perhaps wait till the wheel.
    Hulk 3, If we had some polymorph action going on, this guy might not be bad. Bring Cone of cold to back him up, and your opponent will really be forced into some terrible choices.
    Hawkeye 2, This guy is pretty bad without some other removal to invest in. But, he is cheap...
    Captain Marvel 3, Hrm... we know one of the other Marvels is the rare, and so no one else is likely to take her, unless they also take the common Marvel. On top of that, this lady is cheap enough that we COULD get her to help us start actually ramping to all these big nasty things that we see going around. So far, this is the ONLY choice from pack 1.

    Let's take a look at Pack 2 and see fi there's anything in there we can use to help ramp us to Captain Marvel.

    Whelp, Super Rares kinda trump all. Looking through, there are a few interesting side options, if we wanted to pass the Red Skull, but we all know we aren't going to. Let's loo at those options anyway.

    Star-Lord 4, Well, if we were ever going to do Guardians, this would be a guy for us to take in Draft. However, he's not worth taking over a SR, and Guardians isn't that good without some guarantee we are going to get Rocket's common and Starhawk's uncommon.
    Odin 6, This guy is pretty destructive removal... but here again comes today's Keyword, Expensive.
    Gamora 7, This uncommon Gamora has an awesome global. But it's a global. If you bring it your opponent gets it. Unless you know you will likely have more fists than them, the best way to use this card is to hate draft it and field a different Gamora.
    Gamora 7, Like this one! This Gamora is cheaper, does about the same as the global card, and gives you fists in case your opponent brings that global instead. But even with all of this, Gamora doesn't beat out a Super Rare.
    Shield Agents 3, Only mentioning these guys, because 2 costs are really good pick ups, in any draft setting. There are only 3 dice of this guy, so keep that in mind when the next packs come through.

    Well, looking at these packs there isn't much choice here. Red Skull for Value and Captain marvel for her general utility and beatstikiness. What we are looking to get passed to us is a win condition we can ramp to. One thing that comes to mind is uncommon Odin and Thor. If we actually buy and field Red Skull, our opponent will have a hard time ramping with Sidekicks, or overwhelming us. Odin would act as an interim blocker and we could use Captain Marvel to ramp to him and Thor. Bring some other ramp tools, like Resurrection or Villainous Pact and we are on our way to a hefty Thor/Odin beat down. I mention this strategy because it is likely to wheel to us as it is a difficult one to execute in draft, and we can expect it to be in this raft, with 6 Odin dice and multiple Thors swinging around.

    We will also want to pick up any cheap characters we can that would fit into that sort of team, and keep our eye out for some removal effects as well. Other than that, we just have to hope we get what we want to swing around to us.

    Player 3 -grabs the common Gamora and 6 cost Enchantress, so that he has a counter to villains and Avengers.
    Player 2 -grabs both Star-Lords, to pair with his Rocket Raccoons.
    Player 1 -grabs Daredevil and the Uncommon Gamora, if only to hate draft the global away from his drones.
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      Bestia -
      Nice work - I hate it when I get these Mayfair packs when I am drafting and this helps work out what to pick