• The DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award: Worlds Players

    My apologies for the gap since the last Fellowship Award. I was waiting to get the new, physical Fellowship Award in hand. Moving forward, all Fellowship Award recipients (and those who nominate them) will receive this:

    Yes, it was certainly worth the wait.

    As a refresher, to celebrate and help maintain this spirit of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness, the two leading Dice Masters websites—Dice Anon and The Reserve Pool—periodically (aspirationally, monthly) award the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award to someone who has gone above and beyond to make the Dice Masters community a welcoming one, to nurture the growth of the game, and to exemplify the type of player that we all want to be and play with.

    The recipient of the award for June and July is an ensemble cast of players who exemplified the best in the community at the World Championships at Origins in June.

    Charlie Cates: Only Wants To Win The Right Way

    Don't worry. He shaved...eventually.

    Charlie Cates was a top 8 finisher at U.S. Nationals and is widely considered to be one of the top competitive Dice Masters players. At the end of the Day One Qualifier at Worlds, Charlie was in a position where he would qualify for the final day if he won his final game. His match up? Against a nice but seemingly inexperienced player using a very creative villain team. It wasn't your cut-and-dry villain retaliation team--it had all sorts of innovative things going on. At the end of the game, the other player had lethal on the board, but ended his turn, at which point Charlie would have had lethal himself. But Charlie interrupted him and refused to let him end his turn. He congratulated the player on playing a strong game and creating a great team, and told him how to win the game. The player followed Charlie's instructions and beat him. Charlie would ultimately not qualify for the final day, but would instead go one to enjoy some other epic moments at Origins, including the one pictured above. If helping your opponent beat you on the world's largest stage isn't fellowship, I don't know what is.

    Jacob Masur: Spreader of Joy

    Probably the only time I saw Jacob not smiling at Origins.

    There is no singular thing that Jacob did that needs to be pointed out here. Rather, Jacob is just an incredibly happy and enthusiastic person. So much so that I would dare say not to be happy and enthusiastic yourself when you are with him. For example, he bought a blank/plain dice tower at Origins and then had every single player at Worlds sign it. He greeted everyone as if they were old friends even if he was just meeting them for the first time. And it was 100% genuine. If you are lucky enough to meet Jacob Masur in your lifetime, you are lucky enough.

    Isaac Villa: Great Sport

    Isaac...being awesome.

    In the words of Trubieswarm Master Trubie Turner: "I was actually a pretty huge bundle of nerves on Saturday. Worlds was only my 2nd major tournament for any game, with Nationals being the first. We go in, pairings are announced and I find I got a bye first round. Dane [Looman] and a few others said that it was good to have a bye first round, but to me that meant sitting alone with my nerves, second guessing everything for 30 minutes. Well, turns out Issac Villa didn't make the worlds cut but had hoped he could still get in if someone no showed. They didn't let him in, but rather than storm off in frustration as I likely would have in his situation, he stuck around. I didn't know Issac at all at the time but I asked if he'd be interested in a casual game since I had a bye. He graciously and enthusiastically stuck around and played a very conversational and relaxing game of dicemasters with me that not only gave me a chance to shake off some of the morning rust but also calm my frazzled nerves. It was exactly what I needed... Now if I could have just played Issac casually again before I took on Shawn in the top 16... "

    David Walsh: The Giver

    No, he doesn't always look so serious...

    Few people who will be reading this will not know who Walsh is. Being U.S. National Champ and Runner-Up at Worlds will get you some name recognition. But not as many people know how incredibly kind and generous Walsh is. He was nominated by two separate people for this award. First for taking time out of his very busy Origins schedule to chat with a younger player (think around 10 years old) to answer his questions and make the kid feel like an important part of the group at Worlds. Second, by Philip Campbell, whom Dave Walsh offered to give a Full-Art Tsarina (a $100 card) to after Philip was eliminated in the round of 16 on the final day, falling just one win short of getting the card himself.

    The award winners above were nominated by Isaac Villa, Philip Campbell, David Walsh, and Trubie Turner. If you received an award or nominated a recipient, I will be sending you a message to get your address to send you a card that will certainly be the new Must-Have piece of Dice Masters swag.

    If you know of someone who you believe should receive the DA & TRP Dice Masters Fellowship Award for June, please send me a detailed nomination (with photos, if possible) at indy@diceanon.com or via a PM to me at Indy Mon through The Reserve Pool’s forums.
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    1. Bestia's Avatar
      Bestia -
      Hey Congrats guys

      It is awesome to hear about such cool people out there in the world

      Hopefully I will win my way to worlds in 2017
    1. paradox22's Avatar
      paradox22 -
      I met all but one of these guys at the World championships....Grade A people. We have a wonderful community of players, and guys like these make it what it is.
    1. Chapa71's Avatar
      Chapa71 -
      While trying to learn DM a few months ago my son and I watched some YouTube Videos. We stumbled on the Nat's videos. On there was Charlie and he said he was from Atlanta. I told my son "I wonder if we will ever run into this guy"? Two weeks later we go to an OP event and there he is. Charlie is one of the coolest and nicest guys you will ever meet. He continues to stay in touch and helps us on our builds and play.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Quote Originally Posted by paradox22 View Post
      I met all but one of these guys at the World championships....Grade A people. We have a wonderful community of players, and guys like these make it what it is.

      Did we meet? I got to meet a lot of awesome people but I am not sure if I know you by the username paradox though
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Thanks @Indy Mon and congrats to the rest of these awesome dudes.
      I personally saw how great Dave was to the young guy, and how entertaining Charlie was.

      @Flexei thanks for the nod and playing that game with you was one of my faves of the weekend. Missing the qualifier buy one spot was rough, but on the same note, it was ok because I got to enjoy the rest of the con.
    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      Congrats to all the Guys. would like to meet everyone of you, yes all here and even YOU!

      I think such people are really great examples how to flip the sides of emotions you have when you go to a big event and doesnt know one there into happiness or at least a really cool experience and a new friend !
    1. MasterJedi's Avatar
      MasterJedi -
      I recognize most of those guys from the nats/world matches on YouTube (which I study). Jimmy did a fantastic job. I hope Walsh continues his success in the game. It's nice reading that this game's champ is a nice person.