• 8-10 Monday Edition

    Time for another Sunday Monday Edition of our weekly round-up. See what’s been going on this past week.

    We started the week fresh off GenCon. We had @jthomash2 ‘s account of his 10-1 record, and my own explanation of my 0-6 record. The sooner we move on from this the better.

    We had our usual entries of Reading the Rainbow from @shadowmeld , still exploring Age of Ultron (parts 6 and 7).

    Even when we are busy with things like GenCon and family vacations, we can still deliver the Podcast goodness you demand. The Prep Area Episode 07 and The Reserve Pool Episode 62. Check them out if you haven’t.

    @Ken gave us some site updates we’ve been anticipating.

    We had a whole mess on non-usual updates. A couple of user created blogs covering Harley Quinn and looking at life as a resource. We also got a look at the Top 8 from South Africa a few weeks ago and from Germany just this past weekend. Plenty of fun things to look at.

    We finished up strong with an article from Indy Mon, handing out some community fellowship awards. It’s always awesome to see great people in our community getting recognized. I know exactly who I’m nominating for next time. I need to make sure I message Indy to let him know…

    So, it hasn’t been a week filled with news and updates directly from WizKids, but it has been eventful with all the content we’ve been getting from our users. Keep up the amazing work. We love to showcase your work when we can.

    Roll on.