• TRP Podcast 63: Top Ten UXM Cards to Own

    Dave and Evan reunite once more to discuss the longest droughts they've had in their Dice Masters journey, and to apologize to a user for being bad at reading and at emails.

    Then, Shadowmeld debuts a new segment, helping us all keep abreast of the rulings that have come out on the WizKids rules forum!

    The show concludes with Dave and Evan examining the best of the best UXM cards - which ones should you make sure that you own? Find out what we think!

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    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      I really enjoy these lists!
      I think Black Panther: Wakanda Chief is getting into my top ten. He's only four cost because his attack is limited to when your opponent has a character in the field. With Hulk Out and Avenger synergy he's just better now that AOU is out.
    1. MasterJedi's Avatar
      MasterJedi -
      PXG for sure you both are right about. It teaches you how to use globals in different ways.

      I'm a huge fan of the Super rare Iron Man. With Nick Fury/Mr. Anger he fields for free and with Potts rare from AoU can get it for cheap.