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    Welcome Back Folks! Last time we talked about knowing your enemy and being aware of the threats in the sets you're drafting. Today we're going to talk about an element i haven't broached much in this series, Basic Action Cards.(BACs)

    When you're going into a draft there are generally three different formats you can look at for Basic Actions: In Set, In License and Unlimited. I could talk about In Set or In License but those are often quite specific to the sets themselves, and would be better broached as a run down list based on what metas are in that set. Instead I plan to discuss a broader overview of types of Basic Actions, and how to look at what types to bring.

    For starters, when you look at your team, take a look at what energy you are planning to bring, and try to match your basic actions that have globals to the energy type you are going to most often be rolling dice off. If you have 3 Fist characters you're planning on buying, it's quite likely that you're going to miss a face here or there, so perhaps Anger Issues or Cone of Cold would work well for you. Remember to keep this in mind, especially if you have he choice of similar card effects or global effects that use different types of energy, like the difference between Anger Issues and Invulnerability.

    Speaking of attack "pumping" globals, Cone of Cold is a top notch global for two different archetypes of decks. First, it helps overcrush teams to get extra damage in against an opponent when they successfully attack and are blocked. Paired with any of the four overcrush cards (Thrown Car, Horn of the Unicorn, Anger issues and Hulk Out) it can be a devastating win condition. Secondly, Cone of Cold can help teams with weenie character swarm their opponent and still take out their mid-range threats with a few well placed fists. Top all of that off with an action face that can clear weenies itself, Cone of Cold helps on a myriad of teams.

    There are also a myriad of more controlling globals in the game, to counter the devastating pump globals. Distraction is the first ever BAC, and has maintained it's ability to repel your opponents attacks with the ease of a single mask. DC showed us an example of how we can use Distraction to our advantage offensively too; attack with Cheetah, deal your one damage, and distract back if you're heading into a nasty block, or just need the body to block yourself. Other Control Globals include the attack nullifying Smash global and the Attack swapping Mystic Box and Transfer power Globals.

    Back to the offensive, Relentless and Swords of Revealing Light's global are one of the strongest blocker reducing effects in the game. The fact that they are globals though, means our opponent has just as much capability to use it against you as you do to use it against them, so watch out. We also have several great non-global Action dice effects that pull off similar effects when rolled on their action faces. Some of the more promising ones are Pick Your Battles, Distraction and Villainous Pact. All of which clear a large number of defenders and open the door for you to smash into your opponent's life.

    Speaking of Villainous Pact, there is another group of BACs that are just a general safe bet to bring to a draft, economy actions. Action Dice such as Nasty Plot and the new War of Light Big Entrance are solid first choices in non-global resource generation, while Resurrection and Villainous pack make for great bag reset tools and small ramp mechanics.

    Countering Villainous Pacts action effect can be done with some well placed use of Takedown's global, and like other villain maker global Pandora's Box and the upcoming Monument to Evil from War of Light, synergize well with several draft cards or strategies. (Here's looking at you Black Manta!)

    Last but not least are some BACs that work really well with certain game aspects, but are almost in classes of their own. Polymorph is a top notch form of targeted replacement, a way to churn out a new purchase and a global that can work as a combat trick, or facing manipulator to give you that lovely burst face at just the right moment. Crush Card Virus is a BAC unlike any other, and is one of the few ways in the game that you can KO your own character to receive a benefit from the KO. Combine this with Rare Grundy in a DC draft or Red Skull in an AoU draft, and you're getting some great benefit out of the otherwise difficult to get killed characters. As well, there is Magic Missile, the king of Burn team BACs, this card is a straight upgrade to Power bolt from AvX, and then they added a global to it! If a cheap die that does 2 damage to your opponent is great, but add to it a global that lets you sweep your opponents sidekicks or weenies when you miss a handful of bolt characters can be very powerful. Magic missile also works as effectively a damage buffer, if you're looking KO one of your opponent's harder to remove characters.

    There are more BACs, plenty that I haven't even touched on, but I've highlighted some of the more common situations in drafting, and will stop here. Have a BAC that you absolutely love? Or think I left out a BAC that's a must bring to drafts? Reply below with you thoughts!

    Next time, we will discuss how to listen during the draft.
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      Great info. Cone of cold just went on my Ultron team!