• Another Big Week at The Reserve Pool!

    G'afternoon, fellow Dice Masters!

    We have another huge week at TRP, and I'm excited to give you the skinny on what's going to happen.

    Shadowmeld's Reading the Rainbow articles have always been a big hit, and I foresee tomorrow's article will be more of the same. When you are drafting, it's important to keep those eyes and ears open -- not just so you know when it's your turn! He'll talk about listening during a draft to ensure you have an edge on your opponents.

    Tuesday's The Prep Area podcast will feature myself, Shadowmeld and Necromanticer giving some love to two huge characters. First, we'll build two teams around the rare Starhawk that you received from the Age of Ultron set. Second, Necro goes Off the Meta with ... JUGGERNAUT! Looking forward to that!

    Wednesday, we'll have another website update from our own Webslinger, Ken. I've heard a rumour about "Dice-vatars" and some other new features. Cool!

    Thursday... we're talking War of Light. WizKids generously let us take a sneak peek into all eight Super Rares and gave us a gravity feed we could hunt through. Lots of gems in this set, and we're looking forward to sharing our favourites!

    Friday is a return to the kitchen table with Isaac. It's all about homebrewin'! Some research went into that one, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he brings up!

    On Saturday, we go back IN THE FIELD. Thanks for making the first episode such a success. The show will be continuing, and we are already looking to bigger and better things. Make sure you watch and subscribe so you can find out what else is happening in TRPville!

    Thanks for reading, and we hope to have you along for the ride!
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    1. Randy's Avatar
      Randy -
      Wait... you mean you've already seen all 8 super rares and the contents of a gravity feed? That's crazy!
    1. SethAtreides's Avatar
      SethAtreides -
      Are the Black Lanterns the WoL equivalent of Zombies?
    1. Indy Mon's Avatar
      Indy Mon -
      Quote Originally Posted by SethAtreides View Post
      Are the Black Lanterns the WoL equivalent of Zombies?
    1. HeavyMeth0d's Avatar
      HeavyMeth0d -
      Although, I'm with the thinking that the secret alternate art super rares is a little much, I would hate to see DC get shafted by not getting one set that had alts. I understand this game began as Marvel Dice Masters, but the black lanterns would be a perfect mirror to zombie villains. That being said, whatever they come out with, as a collector, I'll have it all. Wizkids has my full support in this game. Even with inconsistent terminology and misunderstood rulings.