• In the Lab - Double Shot!

    The Reserve Pool crew have taken a brief hiatus and in lieu we treat you to a double dose of In The Lab.

    Thanks for stepping up, Dylan! NOTE: Podcast is returning next week. Both RJ and Dave were sick this week, and weddings/anniversaries cause some schedule issues. Thanks for understanding! -Editor

    For the third installment we have yet again attempted a new variant. Shadowmeld and his super friend JT have taken on their own quest and this week Shadow faces a new foe "Logan Swarm". Will "Wonderdead" prevail the peril that lies ahead??

    Meanwhile The BMD(Baron MD) tries his fate with "Hope and Liberty" against The Transitions Zone's late night brewer IsaacBV with "Triple Rings" on hand. Viewer beware! Will these crusaders meet their DOOM!?

    Tune in to see the blow by blow action In The Lab!

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    1. SarkhanMad's Avatar
      SarkhanMad -
      That wonderdead team was bonkers. Is it always that controlling? The other player wasn't even playing. I suspect he didn't ask for a rematch.