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    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about War of Light's globals. Today, we are going to talk about the economy of the set. War of Light brings us some interesting new trends in affiliations and type synergies. With the new chain of abilities that encourage us to collect a set number of energy of a particular type in our rolls, we need to take a fresh look at what exactly economy means and how we plan to use it.

    We should begin by looking at each energy type to see what sort of ramp and churn we can garner from it's constituents.

    With fist characters in this set, there are very few cards with specific ramp abilities. Fist tends to get it's ramp from some very quality cheap characters, who are best used as aggressive weenies that either fill up your bag or get prepped from blocks. Guy Gardner, Dex-Starr and Beast Boy are all great examples of this, but Saint Walker's common is probably the champion of Efficiency at only 2 cost. Uncommon Warth does bring us a great ramp mechanic, but inset he is unlikely to actually trigger his ability unless you're unlucky. Warth would make a great first purchase to get your ramp started though, so don't avoid him if you have some power 6 cost characters you want to pick up, like BL Superman!

    Shields brings us a nice set of low cost characters we can use to ramp, similar to the fists, but it also brings a nice synergy of ramp mechanics as well. First, we have Lex Luthor, who can churn a significant number of dice using the Pandora's Box basic action global and an assortment of other shield villains. This Churn doesn't get us a large amount of Ramp, but it can get the die we need when we need it. We also have a solid little pair of churn going on here with Indigo-1 and Munk. If you had to chose which rare to take, I'd prefer Indigo-1, her ability can be used to reliably get any of the three Atoms out at level 1 where they have a solid chance to use their spin ups to get to where you would need them.

    Masks, while also sporting an array of cheap bodies for the quick Energy boost on KO, bring us a few anti-economy tools to harass our opponent's team with. Common Lyssa can force a glut of sidekicks on our opponent, or remove a blocker from their array. Scarecrow an also tax our opponent, increasing fielding costs of a whole color of lanterns. Remembering that life is a resource, we can also think of Lyssa's Uncommon as anti-economy. One last thing, I would like to point out that there are bad economy choices to be had in this set too. Mera's rare is by far a terrible choice of card to pick up. Over buying can glut your bag and prevent you from pulling off a coherent strategy, needing 3 dice in the field to get a 1 cost discount on buying more things is just bad strategy, do not use this card in a draft.

    When we look at bolts, we need not look much further than Miri Riam's Common. She is the best form of churn in this set, letting us get even moderately expensive characters out on their level one faces the same turn we purchase them. We also have Jade, the cheapest Green Lantern in the set, a key symbol to trigger many inset special abilities. Lastly, we have the man himself, Kyle Raynor discount master of all things Lantern. Remember Raynor counts all active lanterns, including your opponent's, but only gives you the discounts.

    As you can can probably tell, I am going to be sporting bolts if I can get them, but for those who get a solid grab of another energy type, take a look above and build the economy you can, or at least steal the good parts of someone else's.
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    1. digitallimit's Avatar
      digitallimit -
      Incidentally, the team I drafted recently is Miri, Jade, Lyssa and Lex. My friend has first-picked Rayner twice in a row. Economy or direct damage aren't bad calls in Dice Masters drafts.
    1. VastSpartan's Avatar
      VastSpartan -
      Team I drafted in the first tourney. Got first with it

    1. Shin76e's Avatar
      Shin76e -
      Kyle is the economy in draft If you are going single color. I had red lantern team with him on it and it was surprisingly quick to get a big guy out after like 2 turns of cheap dice.