• Where is TPA?

    Howdy folks! Some of you may be wondering where your regularly scheduled podcast of awesome is. The short answer, is we will be posting it later this week.

    The long answer is that your TPA team has been dealing with some real life situations this last week and are just a few days behind in the busyness. Two weddings, a funeral, a promotion and all of the family visits and surrounding obligations have just bogged down the production process for this week's episode, so we will be releasing late.

    However, we will also be using this chaotic production schedule to give you a bit of a glimpse at the team building process, with a special element we are calling "Future Shadow". Anyway, hope you will enjoy it, and thanks for all your support and interest.

    Remember to subscribe to the podcasts for immediate downloads, the YouTube channel to catch all of Dylan's new vassal matches and our Facebook to get an announcement when we post an article. Again, thanks for reading and listening to The Reserve Pool.
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    1. IgwanaRob's Avatar
      IgwanaRob -
      Two weddings, a funeral a promotion
      Can't wait for the movie, sounds hilarious!

      (on a serious note - best wishes to those who need it.)
    1. Shin76e's Avatar
      Shin76e -
      real life trumps the game. Weddings - congrats , funeral - condolences and promotion - huzzah! I don't think anyone would be upset if episodes are not in on time. Yes the show helps me get through my week but, if you guys are not in good place when you do these. Then you're doing yourselves a disservice and you'll just get disgusted with this. So here is to real life! The mystery bag that we pull all our energy from.
    1. WonkyToad's Avatar
      WonkyToad -
      First no Reserve Pool podcast last week (I was lost on blue shirt Thursday) and now this!!
      Life has a way of sometime getting in the way... As long as you are good, It's all good.............
      Relax, take a deep breath, and ground ........
    1. colwarden's Avatar
      colwarden -
      Thanks for the update, I was going into podcast withdrawal. And prayers for you all.