• So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    Iím sad to say that Iíll be stepping away from Dice Masters and, by extension, my active role in The Reserve Pool. This could be short, this could be long. It's impossible to know right now.

    Thereís a lot that I could say about this, but I donít want that to be the story. I want the folks here to keep doing what theyíre enjoying, which is talking about and playing this game. Know that there are no issues of any sort within the team. In fact, Iím pleased to announce that RJRetro will be taking over the role of Editor-In-Chief. I hope that you will welcome our new Canadian overlord. The podcasts are going a bit shorter while the team prepares for "Season Two". Iíve talked to RJ and know that The Reserve Pool Podcast will be better than ever.

    My heart just hasnít been in it for some time. Dice Masters is a game system that works. Itís phenomenal in terms of design and on that basis alone I would recommend it to anyone. I have trouble not letting the intangibles get to me, though.

    This started to become apparent to me at Origins. When I reflected back on the con experience and realized that my favorite part was dropping from the tournament so that I could go around and demo games with my new friends, Isaac, Gene, and Josh (and Jason, too, who I met a little later), I knew that something was off balance.

    The fun that I had getting trounced by Isaac in Bottom of the Ninth followed by trouncing him in Specter Ops, playing a late game of Sheriff of Nottingham with the same crew, or 1 AM rounds of Spyfall with Mat, IndyMon, and other DM fans threw into relief how Dice Masters just feels like work for me now. I haven't been able to find the fun again since.

    Iíve been holding off on making a decision at the encouragement of the team here. ďSee how you feel after War of Light,Ē they said, and they were right. These sorts of judgements are best made rationally, with some time to breathe and think. While Iíve found a lot to enjoy about War of Light, it hasnít been enough for me to catch that same feeling again.

    This summer also threw a lot at us. We had some deaths in the family. Some of you know that our house was broken into a few weeks ago, robbing my wife and I of some valued and cherished possessions (if you donít have renterís insurance or riders on your homeowners policy for some of your more valued items, I recommend that you look at it. Thank God we had it). A lot of things made us evaluate the time investment we were making in one single game.

    Maybe it'll come back around. It's hard to know. If that's ever going to happen, it's going to come from a complete absence, not a simple hiatus. And so it goes.

    I hope that you continue to have fun with whatever way you choose to pursue this hobby. I've had a great time with the site and the game, and more importantly, some great friends that Iíve made, too. One thing that Iím not leaving behind is regular interaction with Chris, Dylan, Evan, Isaac, JT, Ken, Pat, Randy, and RJ, as well as several others in the community. I knew none of these people before I started TRP, and now I talk with all of them on an almost-daily basis. Crazy.

    Thanks for the support over the last year and a half. It was a lot of fun and I greatly appreciate it.

    As for me, there are other games out there, and Iím going to find some of them. I want to pick up Roll for the Galaxy, La Granja, and Ashes. I have a big Netrunner collection that I've barely touched in months. We haven't had the chance to play Freedom: The Underground Railroad since I bought it at Origins. Game-wise, it's time to look at some new stuff and revisit some of the old. Life-wise, it's time to have a few adventures.

    My favorite comic strip said it best in the end:

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    1. geneaber's Avatar
      geneaber -
      Dave, thank you for all you have done to help foster and grow this fledgling community. Meeting you at Origins is directly related to the growth of our community in Northwest Ohio. Best of luck in whatever you seek. Hope to hang out at Origins again next year!
    1. jevansfp's Avatar
      jevansfp -
      Dave, hanging out with you, Gene, and Isaac at Origins was one of the highlights for me as well. I enjoyed the DM tournament, but going 2-3 in the qualifier was an adrenaline rush. Ev er ything else I did that week was gaming fun. I am sad to hear that you are leaving TRP. Your passion for the game brought much of this community together. Many of us will still be here when and if you come back. Have fun gaming!
    1. Wargfn's Avatar
      Wargfn -
      Dave, best wishes for you and your family. Thank you for your contributions to the Dice Masters Community, this wonderful site, and the hobby. May you find happiness in your future pursuits.
    1. Razorback's Avatar
      Razorback -
      Thank you @Dave for all the work you did to create The Reserve Pool. I started listening early on, way back when it was just you, Katie, and Evan talking about the game. I'm really sorry to see you go, hope you will return, and hope nothing but the best for you and your family. Enjoy your adventures.
    1. Basementcuts's Avatar
      Basementcuts -
      You built something great here @Dave . It will be here when you come back.
    1. WonkyToad's Avatar
      WonkyToad -
      I totally get it.
      I recently did the same thing with Netrunner.
      Never thought I would, but I ended up selling off my collection and walking away.
      It just stopped being fun and felt more like work.
      I miss it sometimes, but the friends I got in the process are great.
      Thank you for all of your hard work, contributions, and creating something awesome!
      And hey, drop by every once in a while just to let us know how you are doing.
    1. Indy Mon's Avatar
      Indy Mon -
      *standing ovation*
    1. Osprey's Avatar
      Osprey -
      I think @Basementcuts has said it best already. Whether the game ever pulls you back in or not, you can be proud knowing that you created something amazing, and we're all beyond thankful for it. Best of wishes to you, your family and your future endeavors.
    1. digitallimit's Avatar
      digitallimit -
      After playing a supremely tedious War of Light game where no player had meaningful purchases left and both teams just kind of walled up and traded superfluously, I'm feeling you. But then there are those wonderful matches where the game ebbs and flows like you'd like, so I'm still in it.
    1. Darth_Mediocre's Avatar
      Darth_Mediocre -
      You've done some amazing work here Dave. This was my first real foray into gaming and to find this site and listen to those first few podcasts, I knew I was in for a good time. Thanks for everything.
    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      Thank you for everything you have done for everyone here at The Reserve Pool, just out of curiousity, what does this mean for the Pro Dice Circuit?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stormyknight View Post
      Thank you for everything you have done for everyone here at The Reserve Pool, just out of curiosity, what does this mean for the Pro Dice Circuit?
      Isaac, who has sees Joel regularly in person, will be picking up where Dave leaves off with the PDC. We are happy and excited to continue working with the awesome idea, and look forward to the first official announcements.
    1. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
      Scorpion0x17 -
      Wish I could give you a shake of the hand and a man hug @Dave .

      You created something, here, and with the podcast, that you should be proud of.
    1. Shapeshifter's Avatar
      Shapeshifter -
      hey Dave. I'm sure this decision has not been easy. To me, and im sure others too, you have been an inspiring voice for dice Masters. I have listened to the podcast from the beginning, watched your videos, and heard you on dice tower showdown advocating this game.

      And while it is sad to see you leave your position. I do agree there are a tremendous amount of quality games out there among dicemasters: King of Tokyo, SmashUp, Pandemic, Cosmic Encounter etc. This is a fantastic hobby to be in and dicemasters is tiny to the amount there is to explore.

      But may I make a suggestion, I missed the old segments when you discussed the games you had been playing whether it be dicemasters or something else. Why not bring that back? You keep your voice on the site and still be a presence with a segment called "The Out of Play Area". I suspect you got bored of focusing everything on one game, and this way it can feel more casual than pressure. If it turns out that the game you have been playing is dicemasters then great. More content for those more hardcore.
    1. Razorback's Avatar
      Razorback -
      I'll second @Shapeshifter 's sentiment.

      If you are burned on the game, but not the community and podcast, I hope you will still contribute a segment in some way. I'd love to hear what else you are playing. One of my favorite segments on The Dice Tower is listening to Tom and Eric briefly discuss recent games and their impressions of them. Not full reviews, but quick opinions. Be cool to still hear your voice.
    1. Indy Mon's Avatar
      Indy Mon -
      @Dave : these suggestions at bringing you back for a brief segment about other games you are playing is fantastic. I hope that you and @RJRETRO consider it!
    1. IgwanaRob's Avatar
      IgwanaRob -
      Hey @Dave - Hamburgers!

      Gonna miss you, thanks for helping us learn to love this game
    1. Dave's Avatar
      Dave -
      I don't know about a segment. I've thought about a board gaming podcast for a while though. There's a lofty one I'd like to do that I've started the ground work on. But something just discussing games... I'd like it but I don't know how to add something different from what Dice Tower does with their audio.
    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      Thanks for all your support and work for this community on TRP and outside! I hope you find new inspirations and even more joy outside the DM Box.

      You remind me, that i came from board games to DM, because it has dice to roll on the table. And i took less time for my boardgames as usual.

      I think i will follow your example, but i the way to do as much for DM as for Boardgames.
    1. mackstation's Avatar
      mackstation -
      @Dave I love what you have built here and hate to see you step away from the community. I can only imagine that time you have spent putting TRP together. With that said... who says the content you put out has to be weekly? I would rather have less Dave than no Dave.

      I am sure by this time my input is pointless... it's just sad to see what I consider the voice of DM leave. I encourage you to do what ever makes you happy and selfishly I hope that doing that finds you back here.