• In The Lab - "A Thinking Man's Team"

    Attachment 3229 This week on In The Lab: We are shown the nefarious geneticist's true blue MTG side with a preview of what's to come on this weeks Reserve Pool podcast. Watch to find out if Shadowmeld's "A Thinking Man's Team" can stand up against Vassal player Jordan. Will this team truly be a thinker or turn out to be a stinker? I couldn't help myself with that one. Tune in to see if brainpower can beat pure bolt force!

    Click on this post to watch the match!

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    1. BenSaidScott's Avatar
      BenSaidScott -
      What's the success rate in getting this team's lock down in place? I love the idea, but how effective is it?
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Against teams that aren't running insanly fast agro, such as Tsarina and Lantern Ring, the deck wins pretty often. It is for sure not tuned to a competitive level yet, but could be tweaked to match a local meta.

      If your local meta involves walling up and clearing the board before a swing, then this team should do good things for you.
    1. minusmike's Avatar
      minusmike -
      You don't happen to have a link to this team? I love the way it sounds. I'm a big fan of playing blue in MTG so this definitely fits my play style.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      There should be a link in the podcast description. Going to check on that now.