• Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 4 First Player's Hand and the Rainbow

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about the archetypes we are likely to see in the WoL scene. Today we are going to take a look at our Rainbow and move right into our first player's cards. So with no further ado, here we go!

    Here is our friendly neighborhood Rainbow:

    For purposes of visibility I moved Atrocitous and Bleeze to the center of the photo area. Their black on red color scheme is very difficult to photograph.

    Looking at the Rainbow we can see some big standout low die count cards, with 11 characters in the Rainbow only having 2 dice each. In all we are going to have a difficult time planning what our strategies should be, especially if we go for these low count characters. But let's take a look at the cards Player one is going to be dealt and see if we can't get right to it.

    Player 1's first packs are:

    Well, This is not only an interesting first pack, but one we should be extremely happy about.

    Lanter Ring 5 dice, There is no reason in a draft, not to pick this card. It's worth more than the Super Rares in this set, arguably. It is likely to win you the draft, it will likely net a high trade value, between it's out of stock status at CSI and the fact that the only Super Rare in the set that isn't going for 25$ on CSI is the Lantern battery, You'd be better of picking the Lantern Ring in most cases, if you could net more than 10 dollars in prize support for winning the draft. Needless to say, we'll be picking this card first.
    Scarecrow 5 dice, This guy is good, both in set and out, but he is mostly a sidekick removal tool.
    Starfire 6 dice, Teen Titans is good, but uncommon Starfire is considerably worse than the common one. The damage is just unreliable.
    Saint Walker 4 dice, Versus the 2 cost common, this guy only gains his Villain hate buff. If you are bringing a villain maker and overcrush ability, then that would be a good combo, but for the value grab, I would prefer the 2 cost. Also, grab a common ring, or the rare one if you can. This guy might be worth grabbing if the pack comes back around.
    Superboy Prime 3 dice, This guy has nice stats for a 6 cost, but in draft 6 costs are hard to get to. His ability is some interesting Bolt hate, so if you feel someone is drafting a solid bolt team,, perhaps pick this guy up to hinder their economy and prevent the cheap bolt characters from coming back around as fast.
    Scarecrow 5 dice, This common version is powerful in set. I prefer to make Scarecrow a priority when I'm drafting Teen Titans, as I have the advantage of not being affected by his ability, but if this guy is still here when the pack comes around I might grab him.
    Mogo 3 dice, This guy has good stats for a 6 cost, and his ability is interesting in that he can set us up for a big win turn, but he's such a later game pick that we would need to already be well into drafting Green and Blue for him to be worth taking.
    Hal Jordan 2 dice, This guy is the best targeted removal i the set when paired with a villain maker global. He can also be paired with the common ring to use the buff to increase his removal threshold. All in all, he's a great addition to any team in draft.
    Raven 6 dice, We're not looking for Teen Titans, but if we were, regeneration for all of our Titans is a solid ability.
    Lantern Battery 3 dice, This guy can completely stop our Lantern Ring team, but honestly, it's pure defensive ability doesn't help our opponent win any faster, and actually hinders them just as much as it helps them, because it stops damage from all characters, not just your opponent's.
    Lantern Ring 5 dice, We hope this comes around to give us a second ring die, but I don't expect it to. This ring is such a powerful tool when combined with most blue lantern characters that it should be an early draft for someone.
    Kilowog 4 dice, Kilowog is very expensive for his stats, and none of his abilities are game changing. I would skip over him unless I was building a fist or green lantern team and needed a late game character.

    So, the plan is Lantern Ring and hope for some good weenies to combine with it. Didn't see any really great ones in the rest of this pack, hopefully our second pack gives us a good starting character to begin the weenie train.

    Plenty more cheap characters to look at in this pack, looks like our Ring team might shape out pretty well.

    Atom 3 dice, By far the best version of this guy, with a pretty unique ability. He'd be worth looking into to combine with the Ring.
    Wonder Girl 5 dice, This version of Cassie is interesting, but quite difficult to utilize properly without Polymorph, and that is a lot of investment is some moderate defense.
    Super Girl 5 dice, This lady is great for a sidekick team, especially combined with Wonder Woman's Common. It's an expensive, shield heavy, team though so we should be wary of making that our primary strategy.
    Dex-Starr 6 dice, This angry Kitty is a monster in limited format, getting buffed by almost every die you opponent plays. Combined with his low cost and his fist energy, he would make for a great Bolt team character.
    Munk 4 dice, This version of Munk is decent, but with almost no Indigo-1s in the Rainbow, we need to be wary about using this guy as an early pick. His common might be acceptable as a 2 cost purchase though.
    Starfire 6 dice, This lady would be the key die to draft if we were going to make a Teen Titan's team. She might have a good niche in a Bolt heavy Ring team, and Hate drafting her could deny her form our opponents, but with 6 dice out there, we should perhaps focus on getting what WE want before denying our opponents.
    Wonder Woman 4 dice, Well, combined with the above Super Girl, we've got a secondary team strategy. However, unless we decide to go Shield Ring team, that strategy doesn't see as viable. Shield rings could work though, just wish we had some cheap characters we could expect to ramp into it with.
    Lex Luthor 2 dice, There are cheap versions of Lex, this isn't one of them. This Lex does give us a great churn mechanic if we're bringing a villain maker global though. I would pick this guy up a bit after i grabbed a Hal Jordan, just to have some churn options. He also combos well with Relaxing in that he can prep your bag for that BAC.
    Miri Riam 3 dice, Well, we were just talking about cheap characters to ramp into a Ring team with. Miri is generally perfect. In set her churn is amazing, and as long as we aren't buying "when fielded" characters, we will greatly enjoy her ability to get level 1 characters out on the field even the same turn we purchase them. So far, this would be my first pick.
    Guy Gardner 3 dice, This guy is great, and synergizes so well with other cards in the set, being both a green and red lantern. He is also the perfect Black Lantern hate card, but he doesn't do much just on his own.
    Anti Monitor 3 dice, This guy is a powerful bomb in set. Expensive, sure, but over all the other costs he has the best win condition ability out there.
    Munk 4 dice, We had mentioned cheap shields, and to be honest, if we end up picking up Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Super Girl and Munk, that would make for a pretty sick Ring team in set.

    In the end, our best bet is to grab a win condition card and an economy card and build around those. Ring gives us the win condition that if we buy one or two energy type characters, we can field a few, get some energy and just out right win. Miri gives us an economy that lets us guarantee character faces and encourages us to hate draft the best lantern color cards of each Corp, and not stick to the constraints of affiliation.

    In the end these two cards give us Versatility, reliability and a very solid plan to continue our draft.

    Next time muddle through a less defined draft ad try to come up with a plan, when there is no obvious win condition.
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    1. SarkhanMad's Avatar
      SarkhanMad -
      Great article. Thanks.

      That shield ring team is an interesting idea. Hadn't thought of that. So then you would bring Blessing BAC? Or maybe even Anger Issues?
    1. Wargfn's Avatar
      Wargfn -
      Jade and Dex-Starr both have plenty of dice, for a nice rush with the Rare Ring. I do like the idea of the Ring Team of Shields. It is a strategy that could work.