• 3D Printed Storage Case by Digression 3D

    Letís start off by saying that Iím a terrible person. No, reallyÖ having four children has made me very forgetful and unreliable for the most part. Donít believe me? Letís look at Exhibit A: Matt.

    Mattís a great guy who I talked with through our site that makes his own dice/cards storage container with a 3d printer. We only live about an hour apart, but when I touched base with him the week before GenCon (Yes, GenCon that was at the end of July.) to try out his card/dice storage option, we decided it was best if we just met up while at GenCon, since weíd both be attending. So, I got his number and would text him when I arrived. (I forgot his name when I got his number, so just entered him in my phone as ďStorage guy from the forumsĒ)

    I got to GenCon, shot him a text, and he gave me a sample of his storage case. I told him Iíd write up a review of his case once I used it for a bit. Two and a half months later, Iíve finally got around to writing this up. Iíve been meaning to write this ever since I got it, but, as I said in my opening, having four children has made me incredibly forgetful. Without any possible further ado, here it is:

    You slide it apart, to find two trays inside. Each tray is able to hold a whole team with Sidekick dice:

    In the base, there is room to put two full teamsí worth of cards, then stack the trays of dice on top, like so:

    Ta-da! Two full Dice Masters teams, in a nice, neat, deckbox sized container.

    But thatís not all!

    Check this out:

    Open it up, to see all 8 colors of Sidekick dice. I love this:

    So, what do I think? If you are going to a constructed event, with no Rainbow drafting, I think this is perfect. ESPECIALLY if itís an event like U.S. Nationals earlier this year. There were two qualifying tournaments. So you could bring two teams, and if you didnít like what you saw during the first qualifier in terms of the eventís meta, you could change things up and go with the B Team. Or like my GenCon experience: I went to only participate in the constructed events. A case like this would have been perfect.

    With that said, I DO think the ZenBins are better if you plan on Rainbow Drafting. Not to beat a dead horse, but itís worth realizing that you can bring three or four ZenBins trays to have more than enough storage space to Rainbow Draft a couple of times and be able to store not only the dice and cards you use for your team, but also the dice and cards you draft but do not use. That being said, when I went to a local Rainbow Draft, I took my ZenBins, and also the small action dice storage case made by Matt.

    My only complaint, is the case is a little rough. The trays donít slide out of the case very smoothly. If youíve ever seen or handled anything created in a 3D printer, this isnít a surprise.

    So, in my opinion, if youíre going to a constructed event and are looking for a great way to carry your team, you should definitely give this a try.

    So, if you want to give these a try yourself, contact Matt through www.digression3d.com
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    1. ONEone78's Avatar
      ONEone78 -
      that's pretty slick but i will keep my solution, which is one of my dice bags with the bottom of a fantasy flight deck box in it. it holds 4 sets of BAC dice and 8 sidekicks perfectly. i toss the matching BAC indicator cards in the bag and away i go. between rounds i hold the dice in the bag.
    1. Zxqueb's Avatar
      Zxqueb -
      Thanks for the writeup, Randy!

      Since this went up, I decided to run a sale this week. Everyone can use the discount code RESERVEPOOL to get 20% off their entire order from now until the end of the day next Tuesday.
    1. Osprey's Avatar
      Osprey -
      These look really, really great. I might look in to picking one or two up, since they'd make prepping for locals much easier.
    1. Ken's Avatar
      Ken -
      While at Gencon, I saw a set of these done by the same guy in a larger size (for standard dice). I was pretty impressed.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      This looks nice. Great job!
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      A guy at one of the stores I play at has one of these, and it does look slick.
    1. sewnwings's Avatar
      sewnwings -
      Where do you put in the discount code?
    1. Zxqueb's Avatar
      Zxqueb -
      When you click checkout, there will be a place for it.
    1. Osprey's Avatar
      Osprey -
      Just put my order in for a purple one, can't wait!