• Sunday Edition: The Web Begins!

    Well, it's been an interesting week!

    We started with our first hand of Reading the Rainbow, where we got to show of how to draft the best card in War of Light!

    Then we had a long overdue review from our Emeritus contributor Randy. He brought us a review of some 3D printed storage cases he saw at Gencon.

    Dylan stepped up the game around here by announcing a team building contest, that I think all of you should try out. Teams can be submitted by PMing Dylan on site, with a team list created on dm.retrobox.eu. For more info about the rules and how voting will run down, check out Dylan's announcement.

    We then dropped this week's In the Lab and TRP podcast, which were mostly me talking about the team I put together this week called Good Synergy. It's a great team especally for those of you who are fans of DnD.

    We also had Isaac starting a series about the iconic player archetypes introduced by Magic the Gathering analysts: Timmy Johnny and Spike. If you've never heard of these three, check it out, Isaac does a great job bringing these three into Dice masters relevance.

    Lastly we had the biggest news of all! ASM SPOILERS!!!!! (way to bury the lead Shadowmeld!) If you haven't looked at them yet, go here to join the conversation, or check out the awesome work @pk2317 has done on the wiki in the last 24 hours.

    Looking ahead, we can expect more spoilers to be dropping in the next few weeks. @Flexi has already spoiled a bit that he will have some spoilers to give out, and we are excited to be working with him to get those to you.

    As for regular site content, we will be taking next week to talk about getting started in Dice Masters, and what recommendations we can make to help get your collection started, get your friends involved and even begin playing at the competitive level.

    Thanks again for reading, listening, watch and discussing all things Dice masters with us!