• Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 5 A Little Bit of Everything

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about the best card i the set, rare Lantern Ring. This time we take a look at a much sparser set of packs, and try to reason out our best options.

    Here is our Lantern Rainbow:

    And here are our first 6 packs:

    Well, there are a few quality cards in this bunch, but none that stand out as must grab win conditions.

    Fatality 6, Probably the worst version of her. Her ability makes her effectively a 2/6/3 attack stat, against level 3 characters, but does nothing against level 1 characters. While this seems positive, the chance of being level 2 and the character you want to block being level 3 is just very minimal.
    Wonder Woman 4, This is actually a decent win condition card if we can support it with some solid cheap shield purchases. We're looking for Munk and Wonder Girl to support her.
    Starfire 6, This version of star fire seems appealing, because she can sit on the board, avoiding having to pay her high fielding cost and fully support a Titans team with some direct damage. However, looking over the other Titan's fielding costs, most of them have 0 faces, and none of them have 3 energy fielding costs to burst our opponent down with. Also, she costs 5.
    Munk 4, By far the worst version of this guy. taking no damage if another highly specific character is active, is just really situational. Cheap shield die though.
    Saint Walker 4, This guy is spectacular in format, especially with the Ring and Battery being Green lantern icons. Keeping an eye on him to support other teams.
    Mongul 6, Stats good for cost, fielding cost not.
    Lantern Ring 5, This guy is great for a blue lantern team. All your blue lanterns get +1+1 AND most have their abilities triggered because a green lantern symbol is active. This guy also works well with Green Lanterns, but those are fewer, and generally less powerful dice.
    Lyssa Drak 3, Solid 2 cost character, with a great mechanic, especially in draft. If there was a force block global on BACs I'd say she would be a first pick, but alas, there is not.
    Superboy Prime 3, This guy is amazing comboed with uncommon Fatality. Otherwise, he's just a big superman.
    Atrocitus 5, This guy is worse that Superboy, stats wise, but if you need bolt bombs or shield bombs, he's a good one.
    John Stewart 2, No Black Lanterns in this rainbow, sideboard card not needed.
    Larfleeze 3, I so want this guy to work. Heck, if you get common Wonder Woman and maybe uncommon Supergirl, this guy can be an amazing late game tool, but he's not likely to make it to play.

    Well, looking back, we're leaning towards Wonder Woman as a win condition and hoping one of our cheaper characters comes back around, preferably Munk, for his shields.

    Pack two might change things though, let's look:

    Well, nothing really stand out, all though, there are some interesting economy options.
    Jade 6, This is one of the better ramp mechanics in the set, if only we could get a bunch of Jade and Hal Jordan dice to make it work. Keeping an eye out here though.
    Beast Boy 5, The requirements to get this ability to work are too restrictive to bother trying. For all intents and purposes this guy is just an extra dice for the person that drafts the common.
    Lantern Ring 5, This ring is great for Red Lanterns. Guy Gardner, Bleeze and Dex-Starr would all love a +1+1 bonus.
    Flash If we get a common Ring, this guy is actually pretty decent. Still expensive to field, but e is pretty cheap to buy. Would likely grab ramp or removal before this guy though.
    Kilowog 4, This guy is sooooooooooo over priced, he competes with common vixen for inefficient. He does have an ability that can make up for it, and of course, he is also a green lantern.
    Sinestro 2, This guy is just too expensive to make use of, though his ability would be a great capstone to a yellow lantern team. The good yellow lanterns though, usually like to stay on the defensive.
    Parallax 3, This global is pretty solid. However, as an expensive character, and with three in the rainbow, the abilitiy to roll again is likely something half of your opponents might bring for you.
    Ranx 2, Brain the size of a planet.... and Ranx here just doesn't do anything to really win us the game, though he does help us not lose, some.
    Fatalty 6, This common version is much better than the rare, and can actually provide some solid removal for cheap.
    Beast Boy 5, one of the members of the Teen Titans. This common version is the best, but a team he does not make. Without Common Starfire or common Wondergirl, hold off on the Beast Boys.
    Guy Gardner 3, No Black Lantern hate needed, but he does bring 2 different Lantern symbols for diversity teams, like common Fatality.

    Well, I think I've changed my mind. Without cheap shields to go all out on, Wonder Woman's win condition is likely to be too slow. Instead I'd be looking at picking up the uncommon Jade and focusing on a Green and Blue Lantern team. To support Jade we could get Saint Walker, common Lantern Ring or any other Cheaper Green or Blue Lanterns. With Jade out, and a hopefully drafted Hal Jordan, you can bring a villain maker global and field Hal, Attack with him and hopefully refield him again the next turn.

    Short article this week, but that's the cards I would pick: Jade uncommon and Saint Walker common. Aggressive weenies would defiantly help get a solid board state, but with the right prep and discount the weenies can quickly build up and overwhelm.
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    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      Lots of times in drafts this is the sort of spread you are looking at. Luckily, I've often been sitting next to people who have had an embarrassment of riches, and have been able to turn my bupkis into greatness. As long as I don't mind their leftovers (which I don't)... and you don't mind "hope drafting" in the sincere belief that someone else had to pull something better.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Exactly Oddball, don't fret over having nothing in your opening hand. Maybe the guy sitting next to you cracks a Super Rare and you get passed all the choices in the world for pack 2.
    1. Yort's Avatar
      Yort -
      Don't forget that Guy Gardner also counts as a Green Lantern.
    1. Osprey's Avatar
      Osprey -
      I agree on the jade pick, but I would have taken the common lantern ring over saint walker anyday. That card is almost too good not to take in draft, especially given the abundance of blue lantern characters in this set with decent costs and stats, which lend themselves well to a thrown car BAC since people love to turtle and stall behind walls. Keeping the pressure up is important. While I actually like that flash for having somewhat beefy stats for a 3 cost, most people are turned off by his ability text, so I might expect him to round, as with the common saint walker.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      The reason I took the Walker is there are 5 Ring dice, and 4 Walkers. Also, most peple will prioritize more characters over a second copy of the ring, meaning there are likely 2-3 copies of the common ring going around. Lastly, Jade gives me a Green Lantern icon, and Walker gives me a character where ring doesn't.

      Don't get me wrong, both options are good, I simply think, statistically, I'm more likely to see a second ring than I am a second common Walker.