• Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 6 Power Defense

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about Blue and Green Lantern economy picks. Today it is going to be a much more interesting choice to make. Our First Super Rare will be showing up, and we will also encounter some solid picks that can really power you through a draft. We have some super defensive picks, and we end up having to ask ourselves if we can win with a strong Defense alone.

    Here is our Amazing Rainbow Friend:

    Next up, we have our first pack:

    Wonder Woman 4, This is one of the better super rares in the set, so there is no way we are passing this lady up. If we can pick up a few shield based characters to back her up we can reliably wall up with Wonder Woman and prevent a large amount of weenie characters.
    Wonder Girl 5, Rare Wonder Girl is an interesting win condition, but rather slow. If this card comes back around though, she's cheap shields, which will help for Wonder Woman.
    Lyssa Drak 3, The more I see this card in a limited format, the more impressed I am. Imagine if you could reasonably expect to see super rare Constantine in every draft you go to? Now, what if Constantine also did damage. That's what this card is.
    Miri Riam 3, Decent removal in set, wouldn't pass her up if I had a slightly diverse lantern team.
    Warth 2, possibly the worst card in this set for draft. He's not cheap, and has such a significant draw back, that is countered by a specific named card. IF you've already rafted several Saint Walkers, you could maybe take this to round out your Blue lantern team.
    Kyle Raynor 2, This is one of the best economy cards in the set, and is REALLY hard to pass up. A super rare is better, but if you see this guy, don't pass him. Take him either to prevent your opponent from having him or to use him for your self.
    Dex-Starr 6, Cheap and efficient. Great if you have a fist global to bring to the table too.\
    Bleeze 2, Decent, but not a priority.
    Raven 6, Common titans are amazingly synergistic. This raven and common Wonder Girl are super strong both defensively and offensively.
    Superboy Prime 3, Combos well with uncommon Fatality, but other than that he's a big beat stick.
    John Stewart 2, The worst of the Black lantern hate. Very situational, and even in those situations, unreliable.

    Well, We're on the look out for cheap shields and maybe some other win condition to build our team around. The good news is, we've already "won" our draft because we got a super rare. But we should see if we can get something more.

    Dex-Starr 6, Six dice means we can likely grab 3 of this guy, if we make it a priority. Then we can build a red lantern team of fast aggressive characters. This would be a solid first pick form this pack.
    Saint Walker 4, This guy is solid, especially with his buffs. But with a 2 cost version of him available, it just seems like I'm over paying for a big beat stick.
    Lanter Ring 5, We can hope this particular ring comes back around while we're drafting Red Lanterns to combo with Dex-Starr. We could even pick up some solid yellow lanterns to combo with this to round out our team.
    Atrocitus 5, This guy is expensive, but he is a counter to shield teams. Indigo and Munk are solid shield characters. If we see this guy come back around and we are unable to draft shields, this might be a good pick to take as a countermeasure. his stats aren't that impressive though, so definitely don't rush him.
    Mera 3, This global combined with Wonder Woman's damage prevention ability means you can shut down an opponents assault and take almost no damage for the low cost of 2 shields and some spot masks. The best part is, then your opponent's board is emptier.
    Flash 4, This guy is aggressive, especially with a common ring on the board. However, he's just so expensive to field that he becomes a liability to field,
    Beast Boy 5, Common Titans are the best Titans, an Beast Boy is no exception. With a fist in reserve this guy becomes a power hitter.
    Atrocitus 5, This Atrocitus seems to be a good counter to shield characters, but is highly situational.
    Jade 6, Solid, inexpensive green Lantern, with a quality ramping ability. better than anything that isn't explicitly good for your team.
    Mera 3 Common Mera is just as solid as uncommon.
    Mongul 6, That fielding cost is rarely worth his stats.

    One of the great things about WoL over Justice League is the variety of decisions to make. With this pull here, I know I'm looking for cheap shields, but there are none. So looking for other answers I see a load of Red Lantern synergy options. We can't take all of them so we should be looking at which ones are least likely to come back around to use and take those as soon as we can. In this situation, we should probably take the Rare Dex-Starr, for 1) the rarity, since we're already drafting a super rare and 2) the powerful win condition he can provide by boosting our other Reds. Mera would also be a great choice, but we probably shouldn't invest an early card pick in a card, just for a global we want to use defensively. With three Mera's in the rainbow we can assume that if we don't get her to come back around we will have an opponent or two that brings the global for us.

    So, in the future, we look to transition to Indigo and Munk if we can, then we grab more red lanterns if total shields characters don't pan out for us. Remember to utilize win conditions when you can, an otherwise keep up that defense.

    That's it for this week, check out next time, we have another SUPER RARE!!!!
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    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      I'm usually of the mindset that defense doesn't win drafts. That being said, a Super Rare is hard to pass up, even if you may not use her.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Solid assessment. I like the idea of defense if it is this well done to lock down big swings and let your opponent empty their field for you