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    So there's actually a story behind the title of this mailbag. I had some interaction with Isaac about what the title could or should be and he suggested "The More You Know" - which obviously is a great pair with Patrick's "Reading the Rainbow." After others had made suggestions and I chose Isaac's, he was overwhelmed with joy, and the following conversation took place:

    isaacbv [5:19 PM]
    You picked mine -what do I win?

    jthomash2 [5:24 PM]
    um, a mdcvh nod in the intro paragraph?

    isaacbv [5:25 PM]
    I will instead take a DCVH signed vixen

    jthomash2 [5:27 PM]
    You'll take what the good doctor gives you

    Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. Iíve collected the questions that were submitted and prepared a summary of my discussion with the Latverian National Champion below. Let me preface this with telling you that I in no way altered his responses and hope only to convey his tone well enough through text. Here we go!

    What is the weather like in Latveria?
    -Abigail from OH
    MDCVH: Perfect

    What drew you to Dice Masters and how did you get started playing?
    -Ron from AZ
    MDCVH: I first played the game at the request of Our Great Leader, Victor. He usually asks me to evaluate those propaganda devices from other countries which bear his image to ensure there is no slander. The game is simple enough that I have just intuited the best move in any given scenario.

    To follow up, then, youíre saying that youíve never had a question about the rules?
    -Ron from AZ

    When sitting down to a game of DM, do you roll a character die, action die, sidekicks or use some other method to determine who goes first?
    -Crystal from SC
    MDCVH: I go first.

    Can you recommend a good dentist in the area?
    -Bill from CA
    MDCVH: No.

    We just had an election in Canada. Would you describe the political climate in Latveria?
    -Jordan from Canada
    MDCVH: Latverians do not need to engage in politics. Our Great Leader maintains civil order and a prosperous economy. It is a wonder you have not modeled your country after ours.

    What is your favorite strategy to win?
    -Jill from KY
    MDCVH: If I play, I win.

    Maybe share with us your favorite combination?
    -Chris from Canada
    MDCVH: All 3 Dr. Doom cards.

    You know you can only play with one at a time, right?
    -Chris from Canada
    MDCVH: Not true in Latveria.

    My 3 year old son keeps telling me "no" when I ask him to eat his vegetables or tell him it's time for bed. What should I do?
    -Randy from OH
    MDCVH: You should have taught him better at 1 and 2.

    Were you as excited in Latveria as we were in the US about the announcement of the PDC?
    -Isaac from OH
    MDCVH: Your incessant need to prove your worth should tell you something about yourself.

    Wait, what?
    -Isaac from OH
    MDCVH: No, we were not as excited here as you were (are) there. The main reason is we do not need to win tournaments to feel good about ourselves. Besides, I have won all of the tournaments ever held in Latveria. My playgroup has already named me PDC champion.

    Is there any advice you would give to newer players?
    -Dan from PA
    MDCVH: No.

    What do you think the keys are for others to do well in a tournament you are not in?
    -Lyle from TX
    MDCVH: Ultimately, the best thing anyone can do to get better at this game is to play it. Pay attention to your opponent and what happens based on the decisions you make. And ask yourself, "What would MDCVH do?"

    Any final thoughts?
    -JThomasH2 from OH

    And there you have it - the first MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in two weeks when MDCVH answers more questions. Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!
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    1. SarkhanMad's Avatar
      SarkhanMad -
      " MDCVH: You should have taught him better at 1 and 2."
      That's great. Hilarious!

      also, was the last question not answered because thoughts are just that (not spoken)?

      Good Stuff!
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      I don't know if I was overwhelmed, but I was definitely whelmed with joy.

      Thanks MDCVH for the nod answers today