• Sunday Edition: The End of the Beginning

    Good news, bad news folks.

    This week we officially announced the Death of In the lab alongside Dylan Watkin's computer. We will be attempting to have JThomasH pick up the slack on In the Field, and wish Dylan luck in getting a new system up and running.

    Monday I posted another War of Light episode of Reading the Rainbow, Super Rares HO!

    Tuesday Doctor Count von Homash opened his mail bag to answer your questions. Check it out if you haven't already, his advice is ... to die for.

    Thursday we posted a mini-podcast that had an interview with Joel for the Pro Dice Circuit, and also contained a combo to look forward to in ASM.

    Friday Isaac tossed out some great Halloween Themed Dice Masters events to prepare us for the weekend.

    And on Saturday, Indy Mon made a guest appearance to remind us that even if we're awesome, the community comes first.

    Next week, we will see the return of full length TRP episodes, we gain a few new staff members and start winding down on WoL to Spin up our coverage of ASM.

    Thanks for reading and keeping this place hopping.