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    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about whether drafting for defense was a good idea. Today we talk about drafting utility cards, and what we need to do to make those utility cards work for us.

    Here is our Seven Colored Rainbow:

    First let's take a look at that first hand:

    Well, you know what we always say, "You drafted a Super Rare, you've already won."

    Parallax 3, We can draft this guy and not feel too bad about taking him just for his global. However, we should feel behind and desperately look for a win condition in the next pack.
    Flash 4, While cheap, this guy is sill expensive to field. In all, he's no better than a slightly economic body.
    Raven 6, This ability can be of great use, both to keep solid control cards on the field, and to keep high fielding cost cards from needing to be refielded.
    LarFleeze 3, This guy has the ability to be amazing. However, he needs a strong economy behind him. You want to field a sidekick, buy a quality character and attack to swap that sidekick.
    Spectre 3, The Spectre global is quite useful in limited format, but remember, it goes both ways. Definitely pick it up if you're not running a SK team, if you're running a bolt team or if you are trying to be fast and aggressive.
    Wonder Girl 5, This girl is amazing. With other Titans she's great, but even as just a character Titansan't be removed easily and has a low cost, she performs wonders.
    Dex-Starr 6, Cheap efficient stats.
    Larfleeze 3, This Version of Larfleeze is basically as good as the other one.
    Flash 4, Not worth his cost or his fielding costs in draft.
    Supergirl 5, Overcrush is super strong in this draft, if only you could get to her cost.
    Indigo-1 2, Indigo and Munk are a super solid draft strategy, but only if you are the only one drafting them.
    Warth 2, The worst common.

    Looking at the next pack we really need a tool that lets us plan for the win. Something we can look to build around and look forward to aggressing on our opponent with.

    Mongul 6, This rare is relatively good, but nearly unblockable is exactly a win condition, without more to back it up.
    Spectre 3, The disruption this single die can provide can really wreck your opponent's day. If you have a solid defensive tool, like Viscous Struggle, you can force your opponent to attack you, and kill or let it through to open your opponent's field for a solid hit.
    Mogo 3, This Mogo is expensive, and playing him lets you spend more energy. It seems like too much too late for most games. However, he could be a solid tool if you knew you could get to him, field him for up to 3 and still afford a character after that.
    Wonder Girl 5, By far the worst Wonder Girl. You could work to get her ability going, but it's strength is so relatively low that the investment simply wouldn't be worth it.
    Jade 7, Solid economy tool, and even a green lantern to combo with your blues. Never a bad choice.
    Lantern Battery 3, This guy encourages not spending your energy. If you knew you were going to have the globals you need to dump that energy at the right time, it would be a super solid tool, but with out that assurance, it hurts you more than your opponent.
    Anti-Monitor 3, This guy is actually a powerhouse win condition in draft. Folks usually try to wall up with Sidekicks, and he can slip right through them, while pinging away your enemy. He does often get passed around a few times, so I wouldn't necessarily pick him first, but he is considered a win condition.
    Dex-Starr 5, Cheap stats.
    Batman 2, Not really worth his cost. Even if you were planning a basic energy team, he's a 6 cost with 4-5 cost stats.
    Supergirl 5, Overcrush is super strong in this draft, if only you could get to her cost.
    Hal Jordan 2, This guy is a super solid pick in draft. Bring a villain maker global and you can nuke any opposing character. The best targeted removal in set by far.
    Starfire 6, Common Starfire is a win condition for Teen Titan's teams. It might be worth taking her with Parallax so that we can reroll her off of the field instead of relying on her getting herself killed.

    The decision here is tough. We can Grab Anti-Monitor because we know he's a lower priority win condition and work our way to victory with him. We could pick Hal Jordan, and be set with solid removal. Lastly, we could look to draft every Teen Titan we can knowing we can grab that common Starfire in pack two. Personally, I wanted to take Hal, but after giving it some thought, drafting two utility cards (rerolls and removal) we wouldn't have any direction and no plan for what to draft next. Always have a plan after looking at your first two packs, and if you don't, you're just going to be hunting and pecking at the cars instead of solidly punching the Win key.

    Next time we look at some Teen Titan's competition, and a truly powerhouse Draft card.
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    1. Osprey's Avatar
      Osprey -
      I'd definitely grab Parallax here for super-rare star power, but pack 2 I think I'd either go with Jade or Starfire. There's plenty of Jade dice and a fair number of Supergirls, so we could reasonably build a list with Jade for ramp allowing us to purchase the overcrushing Supergirl as a win condition. If we went with Starfire, there's plenty of beast boy, raven and wonder girl dice to back her up. Personal preference would probably be Starfire, if only because I like Teen Titans in general, and the common raven is great in draft for maintaining the field you need to keep Starfire hitting hard. Not to mention we still have the Parallax global to reroll her off the board.