• So About that Full Length Podcast...

    Significant technical difficulties this week. There will not be a podcast this week.

    We had something recorded and were about to begin editing when we discovered an uter failure in recording devices about 5 minutes in. We had no time to redo the content, and I made the call to simply go without for the week. I understand that you folks expect content from us, but those of us here are determined to only bring you content that we deem of a certain quality, and while we could have rushed something, I'm pretty sure no one would truly appreciate listening to us ramble in half sleep deprived stupors about a card set that was delayed a week as it is. As such, I'm declaring this week's podcast on an ASM shipping delay holiday, and will see you folks back next week. If you're craving content though, fret not, I'll be uploading an extra episode of RtR later today, and Isaac is prepped and ready to drop part 2 of His Timmy, Johnny and Spike series of the Transition Zone.

    In the coming weeks of podcasts you can look forward to ASM analysis, Thanksgiving Specials and ProDiceCircuit preperation advice. We hope you look forward to those episodes as much as we do!

    Thanks as always for being understanding and eager listeners, and I'm greatly sorry for the missed week.
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    1. colwarden's Avatar
      colwarden -
      No worries Shadowmeld. I am in TRP podcast withdrawal, but your podcasts are so good and content rich that they merit re-listening. Just last night I put together your Good Synergy team to give to my daughter for a game against a deck I've designed built around Wasp, Thang, Toad, Morphing Jar and Umberhulk. It also includes PXG (being able to ramp while you're opponent has to pay life to do it is cool).
      Anyway, thanks again for all your great work! Standing by for more......
    1. TrueMisterSix's Avatar
      TrueMisterSix -
      I'm new round these parts and have just started in on the podcasts so I've loads to keep me going.

      What I did want to say is that it's top notch content (for nowt!) and it is extremely well produced. I have been enjoying it greatly and look forward to this new one waiting in my podcast feed.

      You should be very proud of it - keep up the good work. Shrug this one off - even the best players get a bad roll sometimes.
    1. Scorpion0x17's Avatar
      Scorpion0x17 -
      :sits in corner rocking back and forth:
    1. Jwannabe's Avatar
      Jwannabe -
      Keep at it guys! We appreciate all the work you put into this!
    1. agentj's Avatar
      agentj -
      I feel there is so much to learn that I enjoy going back and re-listening. It can help give ideas to what you are working on right now (Ladies Night, all female cards only).

      Of course the crazy combos that Shadowmeld comes up with takes me multiple listens to understand anyways. Please keep up the great work
      so I can keep being schooled in the way of the 'Dice Masters'.