• Working the Wiki, Part 1 - Introduction

    Hello all! Many of you may recognize me from around the forums, but I've also spent a lot of time helping out and trying to make sure our Dice Masters Wiki is as good and comprehensive as I can make it. I'm by no means the only one working on it, but the whole point of a Wiki is so that anyone can use it to create new pages.

    This will be my first of several articles showing you how you can add stuff to the Wiki and help out. The first thing to know is - it's easy! Writing a wiki article really isn't any harder than making a forum post. The same codes you use here to make things bold, italic, or underlined work there too.

    So what's a nice, easy place to get started? I'm glad you asked, invisible friend. One place that would be very easy and very useful for updates is our Decklists page. For people just getting started and wanting to "netdeck", or even just look at what competitive people are using, it's a great resource. But most of the teams listed there are old and outdated. Many of the "named" teams were pulled from another site, and haven't been updated since Uncanny X-Men (!). But you can help!

    Pick a team you want to update, or even create one not on there (Apologies in Advance, anyone?). You can either edit that page to add it in, or give it its own page. Is Apologies in Advance still showing up in red text in my previous sentence? That's because I made it a WIKI link, but the page hasn't been created yet. Get to it! (And if it's in blue, go see what they did and copy it to create a new team).

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here, or PM me or anyone whose name you see at the bottom of a Wiki page. We'd all love to help you, because the more people we have working on this, the better a resource it can be for everyone!

    In two weeks I'll show you how easy it is to create a new Character or Action Card page, so you can help me add all the new Spider-Man character's we'll be seeing. Until then, go forth and create!

    Paul K.

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    1. CeeQue's Avatar
      CeeQue -
      This is a great idea, I've been thinking about helping out. Hopefully if these posts give some tutorial info it'll get me started.
    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Thanks for the info-I look forward to seeing the character and action page info!