• Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 8 Masking Your Intentions

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about grabbing utility cards when we don't have a definitive plan. Today we take a look at a rare that can give us an unexpected draft strategy, and show us that however much we plan for a set, sometimes a single rare can bring about a draft strategy that is both powerful and unexpected.

    Here is our Rainbow, straight from the Lantern Battery:

    Let's take a look at that first hand:

    Well, looking at this batch of cards, there are some good cards, individually, but nothing that shouts win condition.

    Spectre 3, I have seen several stories of how this Spectre can act as a solid form of board clear. I would caution that, Spectre doesn't stop your opponent from having a solid swarm of characters to beat your face in with, so be wary of using him if you are behind.
    Scarecrow 5, This Scarecrow has the opportunity to do a significant amount of damage, especially if your opponent drafts a single lantern color. The real secret though is getting your opponent to not field his characters, Paired with Lyssa Drak uncommon, this guy is amazing, but Lyssa is the true source of that power.
    Mongul 6, High fielding cost, and mediocre stats for that cost. His ability could be useful, but only situationally.
    Carrol Ferris 2, Cheap, decent stats and a situationally powerful ability. Nothing wrong with drafting this lady any chance you get, especially if there's nothing else to really draft.
    Atom 3, The Atoms in this set are all pretty interesting, but the rare is where the real power lies. This common is a good filler character though, little bit of support, little bit of body.
    Batman 2, This guy is just expensive and situational, but his global is actually quite powerful in draft, so perhaps he would be worth it just for that.
    Mongul 6, 4 cost is decent, but the fielding cost is still pretty high.
    Raven 6, Combined with a few dice of Wonder Girl's common, you can make an untargetable, regenerating wall of Titans. Solid choice to draft.
    Fatality 6, Decent removal card in meta, always a solid pick.
    Saint Walker 4, This guy is so cheap and so easy to activate in set that he's hard to pass up.
    Guy Gardner 3, Solid cheap green lantern or red lantern.
    Jade 6, Great ramp card and a green lantern to boot.

    Well, some solid utility choices here, but nothing that really stands out more than another. Perhaps the next pack will give us a solid card to build around.

    Raven 6, This ability is pretty spectacular, and guides us to a route to build a team around it. If we go in looking to draft every Titan, and every quality mask character we can, we will have a pretty solid plan.
    Beast Boy 5, two copies of this uncommon, likely means one will come back around, which is good for us if we're drafting Titans. He's not the best character by himself though.
    Kilowog 4, This guy is Grossly overpriced for both his ability and stat combination. In fact every Kilowog in set is a disappointment (who doesn't love this guy?!) . However, he could provide some utility for a Fist team.
    Ranx 2, Decent defensive character, but defense doesn't win games.
    Supergirl 5, Overcrush is a solid ability in drafts. She's a bit expensive though, but definitely a powerhouse.
    Anti-Monitor 3, This guy is a powerhouse in drafts. In fact, he might be worth changing our draft strategy for. However, he has 3 dice in the rainbow, maybe another will come back around, and we can get the power titans while we're waiting.
    Wonder Woman 4, Decent with Sidekick buffs, but not what we are really looking for.
    Miri Riam 3, This lady is a super power house at helping us to churn our characters through. She's hard to get many of, and if we're drafting Titans, she may not be a good choice.
    Kilowog 4, Not much of an ability, and his stats are still expensive.
    Lantern Battery 3, This is a two edged tool, but if we build a mostly Mask team, or one that focuses on any single energy type, we can ensure that we spend all of that energy, and keep the rest to hinder our opponent's assaults.

    I would take the Rare Raven and maybe grab the common from the first pack. It's tough though, there is no solid evidence that we can get common Starfire for the typical Teen Titans win condition. We could also take Carrol Ferris or Scarecrow, both are great mask characters for us to combo with Raven. We will desperately want to pick Hal Jordan if we can get one and any Lyssa Drak.

    Other alternatives we have seen include Anti-Monitor, who alongside some target removal can be a beast of an unblockable beaststick or Overcrushing Supergirl, if we wanted to run Cone of Cold and some cheap fist characters.

    Only one more hand to go before we start looking into Amazing Spiderman!
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      joshaber -
      good article @Shadowmeld !
    1. OddballNarwhal's Avatar
      OddballNarwhal -
      So far, my experience with the Teen Titans in draft has been "better on paper than in practice". That being said, I've never been able draft rare Raven, and I've had rare Rings and uncommon Fatality to build around. Our Titans OP is this Saturday, so hopefully I can draft cards that'll let me be thematically correct.