• The More You Know - With MDCVH Vol. 2

    Attachment 3727Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. Iíve collected the questions that were submitted and prepared a summary of my discussion with the Latverian National Champion below. Let me preface this with telling you that I in no way altered his responses and hope only to convey his tone well enough through text. Here we go!

    What is your favorite kind of candy?
    -Abigail from OH
    MDCVH: M&Ms

    Recently, I was playing in my store and my group was discussing how to evaluate stats. Would you share your strategy for evaluating character stats versus cost?
    -Ron from AZ
    MDCVH: That's a great question. I usually start with the average combined A+D and divide by the sum of the purchase cost plus the average fielding cost. It is an imperfect system because it is based solely on stats and costs, but it provides a relative power-cost ratio. In a vacuum, it is a trustworthy initial step.

    To follow up, then, how do you account for character abilities?
    -Ron from AZ
    MDCVH: Surely you don't want me to give away all my secrets, do you? I try to compare apples to apples and direct damage to direct damage - cost mitigation to cost mitigation, etc. Look for the best ratio among comparable abilities. After I've calculated the ratio and compared with similar cards, I pick the card I think my opponent will feel the worst about losing to and put that on my team.

    What, in your opinion is the worst card in the game?
    -Crystal from SC
    MDCVH: I don't know about worst, but least playable is 100% Collateral Damage. Feedback does it cheaper. Betrayal does it better.

    If you had to use one card on every one of your teams for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?
    -Bill from CA
    MDCVH: Collateral Damage. Just think of the mind games associated with bringing this card!.

    I was wondering what you thought of mixing sets and looking for synergies. Is there an easy way to find combinations that work well?
    -Jordan from Canada
    MDCVH: Yes, in fact, contrary to popular opinion, there is. Just look at what @Shadowmeld is doing and copy it. Before long you will have a wealth of knowledge about how to put cards together in ways that might surprise your opponent. Even if you're not able to surprise your opponent (because they're taking this advice too), you're almost certain to frustrate them into submission.

    What is your local group's favorite non-draft, non-unlimited format?
    -Jill from KY
    MDCVH: My group loves all formats for this game. But their favorite is whatever they happen to play when I'm on vacation.

    I was wondering what you think of the Mera global?
    -Chris from Canada
    MDCVH: Meh. Who needs to attack for 5 or more when you can attack for 4 or less?

    And the Parallax Global?
    -Chris from Canada
    MDCVH: You probably need to work on your rolling skills. Just last week with 5 dice I rolled a perfect 4 SK and which is exactly what I was going for, without even a reroll. Leave Parallax at home.

    What is your least favorite opposing character?
    -Randy from OH
    MDCVH: The Common Dwarf Cleric. Just for fielding it he can gain experience.

    The entire greater Detroit area is in a bit of mourning for our professional team. Have you ever seen such a hot mess?
    -Isaac from OH
    MDCVH: First, the Latverian Dark Horses have never lost a game. But second, to more directly answer your question, I seem to recall a team from a few years ago that was similar, but probably worse... Maybe around 2008?

    Are you on Facebook, Twitter, or can I connect with you via other social media?
    -Dan from PA
    MDCVH: I considered creating accounts, but realized that instead of random people being able to win the Internet as is the case now, you would all just read my updates and be done for the day. Where is the fun in that?

    What are your thoughts on Grantland being shuttered and, in a larger sense, the seemingly anti-journalistic mindset of some larger corporations?
    -Lyle from TX
    MDCVH: Are you suggesting there is an element of agenda or propaganda to the media? What a ridiculous idea!

    Any final thoughts?
    -JThomasH2 from OH
    MDCVH: Don't be the guy on the left. Ever. Unless that's your thing. Then have at it!

    And there you have it - the MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in two weeks when MDCVH answers more questions. Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!
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      IsaacBV -
      Thanks for the feedback Master Doctor! Yes, I do recall that mess in 2008. And it makes me sad.
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      Brutal. But what's worse, having that hanging over you or having been 7-1 or whatever last year before wetting the bed, only to follow up with this season?
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      fun4willis -
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      IsaacBV -