• The Transition Zone: Confidence

    There are ways to teach children, to raise them up and give them life examples to learn, to grow and become the best man or woman they can be. I take every opportunity to do that in the lives of both of my children whether it is in sports, academics, games, social interactions or any teachable moment. I have found that Dice Masters has provided a lot of instances where life lessons became important and suddenly the moment or interactions lent themselves to a chance to teach them something about life. Games in general have been great teaching vehicles, but the one on one nature of Dice Masters has made it easier to see these moments and capitalize on them.

    Today I want to to start with a topic that I have used with my son especially, but honestly see it as a teachable skill for anyone playing this game. Before I get into the details, let me tell you a story of where I was personally with this game about one year ago.

    In November of 2014, the only set I had exposure to was Uncanny X-Men and I was hoping to get my hands on some Avengers vs X-Men but had not yet. I was slowly adding to my collection and got excited with any Super Rare (yes even Spider-Man). I had not even heard of The Reserve Pool, Dice Annon, The Wizkids Events System, WKOs, organized play events or even considered building a local scene. I had a professor X or two but didn't know how to best use hi –in fact I clearly remember fielding him a few times. I had my son and my two friends and their kids to play with and I was happy.

    But somewhere along the line, a playgroup started up locally and I ventured into a store to play a game competitively for the first time ever. It was an adventure that I did not know what to expect. I made some teams, went to play and got it handed to me by a guy who had been playing since day one and had every card and multiples of them all that were available. And I dreaded playing this guy. Just lining up with him was disheartening at best. This happened a few times, and the more I play tested with my buddies the more confident I started to become and as I learned his play style it all started to click. And I brought combos and things outside the local meta and shifted it to what we played successfully. This gave me the confidence to go into Worlds at Origins and play, hoping to just win a game or two. But if I had not built myself up locally I would not have been ready to play at that level. And I went in less scared, less afraid of anyone who I might line up against because I knew what I could do, and I did well enough to be proud of how I played.

    This brings us to the topic and the skill set that I am trying to teach through this game: confidence. Confidence is defined as "the feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something". My son started playing this at the age of 8, and now as a 9 year old he does well but he gets intimidated by certain opponents. He has some confidence that can be inflated at times, but in every win and loss I am trying to teach him how to play with a confidence that isn't false and isn't arrogant.

    When it comes to life in general, confidence keeps us from getting ran over by others, helps us to focus on the situation at hand and gives us a chance to be successful. In Dice Masters, all the same things apply. You need to be confident in this game to be successful and not get ran over by another player. When I teach my son confidence in the framework of playing Dice Masters, I want him to be successful and sure of himself but not arrogant. It is fine line between confidence and arrogance, and I have seen it go both ways badly.

    I think the difficulty for most players is in lining up against a highly skilled player and being intimidated right off the bat and not playing as focused as they could if they didn't allow themselves to feel like less of a player. When you stare down that Green Goliath of a player, you need to be confident in your ability. There are two ways you need to focus your confidence levels in playing this game:

    Confidence in the way you build

    There are so many cards and combos available to you as a player right now. And whether you have built it yourself completely or borrowed a bit and modified from an established team you need to be confident with your team. Know how it works, and know how you need to win. Don't let certain characters that may be on the opposing team wreck your confidence. Have confidence in your team and you will do well. Don't start with talking down on your team vs another person’s team. I have seen horrible on paper teams do well with the right person rolling. Which brings us to our next point:

    Confidence in yourself as a player

    “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.” B.Franklin

    You are an awesome pilot. If you prepare to win, you will do well. If you take the time to know how your team works and what you will buy, when you will use it and how it all works both offensively and defensively, you will play with confidence. Don't let the other player across from you intimidate you are make you feel like less of a player just because they have played longer or win more often. Often your dice rolls in themselves are the level playing ground. This game is great for that. Be confident, charge forward and give it all you have. Because before you know it, you will rack those wins and become the local threat everyone else is gunning for.
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    1. Ressless's Avatar
      Ressless -
      Good article, but i would like to see 1 or 2 points more for the confidence it was like "wait what the article ends here?" But the 2 points you wrote are sharp and bring the topic out to its fullest.

      I had also some success with my Girlfriend with that in Mind, to bring the player to his confidence to do something. At first it talked too much and that was my bad, after she did her first 2 turns it went to fielding something. I teached her in the Key-Moments(when its happening) when to be patient and when grab the victory. It was only 1 game and she won. But after that she ask me: "Do i must concern about beeing new in the game?" I said "No everyone will help you out as good as they can." she said : " Good because i want to play serious to win this game!"
      Long story short: I was happy and she will play in the draft with me together.