• Reading the Rainbow War of Light Draft Episode 9 Bloodbath

    Welcome back folks! Last time we talked about Building a team around a particular energy type. Today, we build around a particular affiliation with the help of World Championship competitor and newest staff member of the Reserve Pool, Trubie (AKA @Flexei ). War of light has a significant amount of tribalism within it's wonderful cards, but there are a few cards that really stand out as enablers of the affiliation archetype.

    For those that didn't read his welcome letter, Trubie is one of the creators behind the Johnny Swarm team that showed up at worlds and He loves himself some kobolds and other fist characters. A solid fan of the swarm of cheap weenies, he brings a solid foundation of experience when running teams like that. This doesn't mean he won't run control elements or powerful characters, it just means, when he has the choice, power weenies are his go to choice.

    Let's keep an eye out for those guys in our lovely Rainbow:

    Looking quickly through these cards, Trubie quickly sets the Jade aside as a rare with good ability, and skims to the rest of the cards. He then gets to the Kyle Raynor, does a double check of the Rainbow, and set Kyle on top of the stack.

    Shadowmeld- "So, find a card you like?"

    Trubie- "You bet, I'm taking this Kyle Raynor. Checking the Rainbow, there are only 2 in the whole pool, and I can maybe get a Jade later, either common or the rare if it comes back around, which I doubt."

    Shadowmeld- "So Raynor, because of his cost discount? Any idea what the plan will be?"

    Trubie- "Looking at what might wheel back around, there's Mera, Super Girl and Atrocitus as well as Lyssa Drak and Scarecrow. All have at least quality options on a team that I can get superior discounts on. Depending on what is in my second pack, determines what color I go, but the plan is either Red or Yellow. Preferably red, more fist characters."

    Shadowmeld- "That sounds like a pretty solid plan, going for those cheap fist characters, and sticking to Red or yellow lanterns. I also notice there is a secondary agenda to drafting Kyle Raynor then, you're preventing your opponents from getting it as much as you are getting it for yourself, aren't you."

    Trubie- "Exactly, Kyle is such a powerful card that when you can take him, you should, if only because it denies your opponents the option."

    Shadowmeld- "Ok let's take a look at that second pack."

    Shadowmeld- "Plan still the same?"

    Trubie- "Most definately! This Bleez is amazing at stopping the continuous action dice in set and she is decently statted for a cheap red lantern. However, I am tempted to use Indigo and Munk with Kyle. They are pretty strong."

    Trubie checks the rainbow.

    Trubie- "Except, there are almost no Munks or Indigos in the entire rainbow. It'd be sketchy whether I'd even be able to get enough to make the Kyle strategy work, especially with both a Monk and indigo in this pack. Yeah, I'm going to stick with Bleez and Kyle."

    Shadowmeld- "And when the pack does come back around?"

    Trubie- "There are 3 yellow lanterns, including Scarecrow and the parallax global. Either would be a great pick up that late in draft, and with two Starfire dice in here, I could expect those cards to still be here when the pack comes back around.

    Shadowmeld- "Speaking of Starfire, you could draft one of those and do Teen Titans for yourself, why aren't you?"

    Trubie- "Looking at the rainbow, I could do that. There are a large number of titans in the draft, and I could reasonably expect to draft those. However, that would mean I would be giving up Kyle and Bleez to an opponent, and thinking back to my first pack, there aren't even any Titans in there. It's just not a good idea to force a team, when you can instead build something solid with what you are given.

    Shadowmeld- "Gotcha. Well, with those choices made, and strategy for drafting the rest?"

    Trubie- "Pick up good Red characters, stick to 2 colors if Reds aren't available. Preferably yellow, so I can grab a Yellow Ring if needed, and because there are a ton of yellow dice in the rainbow. After that build the team around cheap Reds ramping me up to common Supergirl as she is a solid win condition."

    Shadowmeld- "Well that sounds like a great plan there. Thanks for helping out today."

    Trubie- "Thank you for having me sir."

    This wraps up our War of Light Draft series, just in time for the release of Amazing Spider-Man, Keep an eye out this week for more spoilers and advice from all of us here at the Reserve Pool as we look to bring you all the tools you'll need to compete in those drafts and constructed events!