• Reading the Rainbow Special Edition Amazing Spider-Man Episode 0 Globals

    Hey Folks! Hopping in for a special edition of Reading the Rainbow today to give you a quick run down on the globals you can expect to see in your Amazing Spider-Man drafts this week. We'll be talking about everything from the new basic actions to the powerful Mystrio global, so get those draft minds ready and read along!

    First up we have a pair of globals we won't actually be seeing in our drafts. I mention them here for completions sake, and to remind folks, who might be hyped about particular card combinations, that they won't be able to run these combinations in the draft format. Two of the Starter Spider-Man characters have a global that makes target character a Spider Friend for the cost of a bolt. Sorry guys, no Spidey Maker in drafts. We also have two White Tiger starter cards that allow both players to field a sidekick from used for the cost of fist. Again, no wall maker globals in draft, be sure to keep that in mind when you are drafting.

    Moving on to the Basic Action Globals, we start off with my favorite, Archnemesis. This global is powerful at punishing defensive characters and empowering offensive characters. "Pay . Target character has D equal to its A until end of turn." This ability is rather strong, especially if you bring one of the many characters that do direct damage to characters. You can pair this with Transfer Power, swap one of your low attack value character's attack to their higher stat characters, then Archnemesis global to make that opposing character a low defense number and clear the board with 2-3 damage sweeps from Kraven or Firestar.

    Next we have Exposed, "Pay Target opponent must pay 1 life to block with one or more characters. You may only use this once per turn." In short, Pay two bolts, opponent must pay a life if they want to block this turn. This is a solid tax on our opponent, but is rather expensive. It can add up though if you can continuously swing at your opponent with characters while they are chump blocking them. The one downside is that two bolts is a pretty hefty cost. On a bolt team, it can help dramatically though, to get that little bit of extra burn damage through.

    Slander is our next global, "Pay . When a "When fielded" or "When this character attacks" ability damages you, deal 1 damage to target opponent." A counter to the burn team described above, fist energy gives us a small amount of retaliation against the direct damage our opponent may bring. Bringing this global to a draft is a reaction to a draft with 7 Icemen dice, 6 Firestar dice and an announced Spider-Girl super rare, aka ALL the direct damage in the world.

    True Believer is our last basic action global, "Pay . Once during your turn, you may remove one of your characters from the Field Zone until end of turn." This global has tons of room for interesting play. The simplest use is to use it on a character that is slated to die in combat, and remove them from the field before damage is dealt. This will either maintain a block or effectively remove them from attacking, and prevent them from going to the used or KO piles. However, in a set with loads of Underdog triggers, you can also use this global to remove defensive characters to trigger underdog on your turn and return the defensive characters on your opponent's turn. I'm sure more uses will be realized for this amazing global, but I will point out that when the die returns to the field, it is NOT being fielded again, and thus doesn't activate it's "when fielded" effects.

    Agent Venom is our first character global we will see in draft, and he is just a simple +1D global. The interesting thing about him though is the cost is a simple Generic energy. Good quality for this global, but defense doesn't help you win (without the Ant-Man global).

    Lastly, we have the amazing Mysterio Global. In Drafts, ramping to larger characters can often be a challenge, however, if your opponent is willing to use this global too, you can reliably expect to get 6 dice a turn with this global. Mind you, you're also giving that to your opponent, but the person who is best prepared to use it is the one that gains the most advantage. Grab this guy and feel safe bringing 2 or 3 5+ characters as part of your plan for drafts. If you don't get this guy in draft, perhaps think of some counter strategies, and count your opponent's bag carefully, so that you can know when it's safe to use the global, and when you're giving him that 7 energy needed to buy Doctor Octopus!

    That's it for globals today, plan ahead, and good luck on your drafts!
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    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      You will actually not see white tiger global at drafts. The only white tiger that is in foil packs has no global.

      Edit: Did not see the text below that my bad.
    1. Shadowmeld's Avatar
      Shadowmeld -
      Quote Originally Posted by Stormyknight View Post
      You will actually not see white tiger global at drafts. The only white tiger that is in foil packs has no global.
      Exactly. The same with Spider-Man, so don't try to draft with those cards in mind.