• The Transition Zone: New Abilities in The Amazing Spider-Man

    Welcome to the new and exciting world of The Amazing Spider-Man here in our favorite game Dice Masters. I personally have been waiting for this set for quite some time-the idea of adding some of my favorite Spider-Man characters and friends is something I cannot wait to do. Who doesn't love the idea of Carnage and Venom swinging in big together? Or a Sinister 6 team rolling together to do some destruction?

    With the advent of this set, we have new characters, globals, actions and basic action cards. But we also have the addition of new terms to the lexicon. New ways to understand how a card works and in some cases a new mechanic to the game. I applaud Wizkids for adding these and continuing to use ones we already have gotten to know, like Overcrush that now needs no further description.

    On the Wizkids website, you can find more information about these terms on their new "Keywords" page which can be found HERE.

    Also, here on our website you can find a list of common terms in our lexicon in the wiki, which is located HERE.

    Let's take a look at each of these new terms and their definitions and where we will find them in the new set.

    Aftershock: When this character leaves the Field Zone because of your opponent (damage from their characters or actions, getting KOd, being removed from the game, sent to the Used Pile or Reserve Pool) you must use their Aftershock effect.

    This effect helps to balance out the damage your character takes or effects that will remove your character from the game by giving you a last ditch jab at your opponent. Your characters with aftershock are ticking time bombs waiting to go off. This would include being removed to the used area or prep area, so even a character that you have a chance to reroll the next turn can be destructive and come back for more. Also if you have a character that is imprisoned this aftershock effect will take place.

    In the new set, the characters with Aftershock effects include Aunt May, Black Widow, Doctor Octopus, Ghost Rider, Hulk and Sandman.

    Ally: Character dice with the Ally ability count as Sidekicks also while in the Field Zone. They dont count as Sidekick Dice when in the bag, Prep Area, Used Pile, or anywhere else.

    Allies are another brand new mechanic that adds a unique side to the definition of a character. So not only is your character what their name is, they also get to be sidekicks. It is important to note they are only sidekicks while they are in the field, so not when they sit in used or in the bag, which could come into effect for some different abilities that move dice around. These characters will give some added weight to teams that show sidekick love, including the various incarnations of Flying Sidekick teams and some of the more defense oriented teams lead by Wonder Woman.

    In the new set, characters with the Ally ability include Aunt May and Mary Jane

    Sacrifice: Sacrificed characters are moved from the Field Zone to the Used Pile (often as a cost or penalty).

    This effect is not new to the game, but now it is clearly defined and given a title. Sacrifice is a cost to do something or a penalty to some other effect. Cards like Blue Eyes White Dragon have had a similar penalty, but it was a positive penalty in that it helped to prep a die. But now we see Sacrifice as a way to move a character out of rotation and back into your used pile to do something else beneficial for you.

    In this new set, cards with the Sacrifice ability include Blink, Firestar, Ghost Rider, Goblin Glider, Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Hulk, Iceman, Kraven, Mysterio, Rhino, Silver Sable, White Tiger, Wolverine

    Underdog: This ability can be used when you have fewer character dice fielded than your opponent. Sometimes the character wont need to be fielded.

    No need to fear-Underdog is here! Underdog helps us in a time of possible doom or destruction by bringing on a new ability type that can only be used when we have less character dice in the field then our opponent. With this in mind, the way you move characters from the reserve to the field, or the way captured dice or other new globals can remove a die from the field can alter these numbers to your advantage. You may even find Sacrifice and Underdog playing to your advantage with some fun combos to lower your numbers and still get an ability through both.

    In this new set, cards with the Underdog ability include Agent Venom, Black Cat, Blade, Cloak, Dagger, Daredevil, Drax, Gwen Stacey, Luke Cage, Silver Sable, Scarlett Spider, Spider-Girl, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Web Blast.

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    1. joshaber's Avatar
      joshaber -
      good article, I had no idea what aftershock was.
    1. Tischel181's Avatar
      Tischel181 -
      When do you count for an Underdog / when fielded ability?
      With or without the fielded character?
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tischel181 View Post
      When do you count for an Underdog / when fielded ability?
      With or without the fielded character?
      For When Fielded abilities I would count before the character is fielded, but I could see an argument the other way too. Maybe should ask WKRF.
    1. Stormyknight's Avatar
      Stormyknight -
      It counts itself, Miri Riam counts herself when she is fielded for lantern colors so she is considered active as soon as she fielded.
    1. pk2317's Avatar
      pk2317 -
      That's true.