• Reading the Rainbow Amazing Spider-Man Draft Episode 1 Economy

    Welcome Back folks! We did a short introduction episode of ASM Reading the Rainbow to get you all exposed to the globals in set, hope you got a chance to check that out. Today we'll be talking about all of the ways to build an economy in ASM and what cards are must grabs. We will talk about everything from Last weeks Mysterio to the Spider-Man himself, and yet still not find much more than a card to drop in to our strategy here or there.

    First let's start with Mysterio, we talked about him last time, and he really is the source of ramp most folks are going to have to play with. He's common, his global is shared between players, and he is similar enough to Professor X that folks will eagerly pick him up and feel comfortable using him. The real strength of Mysterio though is buying his die and fielding it. Once that expensive endeavor is accomplished, you can convert spare energy that you don't need into extra dice next turn and since this will likely be later in a draft after you've bought all the characters you should reasonably expect to buy, he can help you churn through those characters and get a truly solid economy going. Plus, his 6/6/7 attack stat is solid.

    Rolling right along into villains we can look at some solid examples of how to get Mysterio or any villain out on to our field both reliably and less expensively. All three Goblin Gliders do great things for churning Villain dice out, and also give us great tools to field villains for a lower cost too. Each has their drawbacks and limitations, but as the common is most likely the one we will see in draft, we can expect to be able to reliably prep a Villian immediately after purchase and churn it through our generally glutted Draft bag.

    Other Villains that might be of use to us in the economic department include both of the other Mysterios, and the Rare Doctor Octopus. Though these will be less seen cards due to rarity, the uncommon Mysterio has a good Anti-economy ability we can use to hinder our opponent's desire to ramp, by shredding his defensive wall with each draw. However, don't let this guy fool you, he is more likely to work against you in an ASM draft thanks to the Underdog ability, his terrible costs, and the fact you have to give up Common Mysterio to take him.

    Another Economic dud, is Electro uncommon. He seems like he's netting us an advantage, as we can get him KOed, deal damage to our opponent, and know what face he is going to end up on on our next turn. Except it's the worst face possible, and we have no chance to reroll, as he goes tot eh Reserve pool, not the Prep area (where rerolling happens).

    Villains aren't the only economic tools in this set though, over half of this set is Spider-Friends, and so we should really focus more on their strengths than anything else. The most generically useful Spider-Friend is Agent Venom's Rare. He's useful for thinning our bag and getting sidekicks on the field. He's got solid stats, a d good ability and a global that allows us to perform some combat tricks on demand. All in all a useful character, if we get lucky enough to pull him.

    On the Less villainy and more Spider-Friends route, we have Aunt May, both her Uncommon and Rare, though the Uncommon is a bit more versatile. After shock is an interesting ability, and if you plan a team around it I highly recommend the Archnemesis basic action.

    Other Spider-Friends that have economy are mostly rares, such as Black Widow and Luke Cage, but there is one Spider-Friend character, that is an absolute powerhouse of economy; the man himself, Spider-Man.

    Spidey has a price reduction effect, that unlike the Justice League Aquaman is entirely one sided. Cheap enough to purchase on turn one, This Spider-man can really help you get ahead, so long as you can keep your Underdog status going.

    That really is the extent of the economy of ASM. Hopefully you find the tools you need to perform in a draft and come out with the win. Next time we will talk about the Archetypes and win conditions we need to be on the look out for while we are drafting ASM.
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    1. JamesG's Avatar
      JamesG -
      Silver Sable: Hero For Hire
      Lizard: Sewer Dweller
      Kraven the Hunter: Sergei Kravenoff
      Vulture: Adrian Toomes

      Bring PolyMorph if you get at least 2 dice for this silver sable. Even 1 die is good since you can sacrifice her then polymorph her back and sacrifice her again to make vulture unblockable for a minimum of 10 - Maximum 12; have some form of overcrush and this is a powerful hit.

      Im not sure if you can use Kravens sacrificed character to proc Sables ability but if you can, double duty sacrifices are amazing.

      Use Lizard as your assassin to keep the chumps from blocking him. (not the greatest assassin but this is an okay way to use him if you get stuck with him in a draft)
    1. jojodadevil's Avatar
      jojodadevil -
      Won my draft the other day with Silver Sable : Hero for Hire and Betrayal.
    1. vonVile's Avatar
      vonVile -
      Quote Originally Posted by JamesG View Post
      Silver Sable: Hero For Hire
      Lizard: Sewer Dweller
      Kraven the Hunter: Sergei Kravenoff
      Vulture: Adrian Toomes

      Im not sure if you can use Kravens sacrificed character to proc Sables ability but if you can, double duty sacrifices are amazing.
      I used the Sable, Kraven and Lizard combos today during my Rainbow Draft to win it.

      Sable and Kraven's combo does work because of the way Kraven's card is written. It says "may sacrifice a character" and not "must sacrifice a character." Using "may" gives you a choice, making Kraven's ability passive and not a demand. Thus it gives you the option to use Sable to activate his and her abilities simultaneously.

      Sable is the must have card for draft. My draft only had 2 and I got them both. Everybody passed her over for all the Black Widows, which their were about 7-8. I was surprised I was able to get them even though I pulled her and skipped her card first pull.

      The team I had was:

      1 Aunt May: Caring Aunt
      1 Gwen Stacy: Earth-65
      3 Lizard: Sewer Dweller
      2 Mary Jane: Jackpot
      1 Black Cat: Probability Control
      2 Silver Sable: Hero For Hire
      2 Spider-Man: Great Responsibility
      2 Kraven the Hunter: Sergei Kravenoff

      Big Entrance
      Ready To Rocket