• The More You Know - With MDCVH Vol. 3

    Attachment 3727Welcome to the Master Doctor Count Von Homash Mailbag. MDCVHM for short. The mailbag had absolutely zero questions in it this week, so I decided to take a different approach and just do an interview with MDCVH and talk our way through some general strategy with counting dice. What follows is more or less how the conversation went. I only edited the parts with dirty words. Here we go!

    Thanks for being willing to change gears a little bit this time around. Are you ready to go?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: [inaudible grunt]

    Perfect! When it comes to your first few turns in a constructed match, do you typically plan your purchases in advance? What might make you change gears?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: I absolutely have a plan, and frankly very little would cause me to change it. However, I have found that that step is critical to my success. Afterall, if it doesn’t contribute to your success or mess with your opponent’s head, why do it in the first place?

    Great, so you’re saying you plan out your first few turns…could you give us an example of why that’s important or how and when to use globals to get that done?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Let’s look at PXG and Ressurection (and similar types). If you have access to PXG there are so few circumstances you would ever want to use Res on your first turn it’s laughable. First, I should identify that using Big Entrance is one of those circumstances. The only other is going second against a rush team and hoping for the 33% chance of pulling your first turn purchase is your best case scenario. Otherwise, do not use Res on your first turn. The reason is simple – you can cull your bag of sidekicks simply by keeping them in the prep area. This is a way to guarantee you draw your first and second purchases on your third turn instead of maybe drawing your first purchase on your second turn and almost surely not drawing your second purchase until your fourth turn.

    When should you use Resurrection?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: When running Big E for turn 2, needing your first purchase so badly that a 33% chance to draw it is worth it, or when you want to put what is in your used pile in your bag to guarantee drawing them the next turn. When there is no PXG available, it matters less, but it is still important to think through these things.

    It sounds like you’ve thought about this a lot – what is the most possible dice to roll on, say, your third turn?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: The absolute most reliable total is 4. Just don’t do anything and you’ll get 4. You shouldn’t feel successful with that, but you can count on it. If you use PXG to its full potential, you should count on 10 – all 8 sk and a first turn purchase of 2 cost plus a 2nd turn purchase of 4 cost, or two 3 cost dice. Next is 11, but it must be two 2 costs and a 1 cost, and you must PXG 4 times on the 2nd turn. It is possible to roll 12 on your third turn, if you buy 3 one cost dice and PXG on the first turn, PXG, buy a 4th 1 cost die, res, and then PXG 3 more times on the 2nd turn. When I have used cost in this response, I am referring to the number of dice used to make the purchase, not necessarily printed costs. For example Thousand Dragon and Red Dragon Globals might be important to consider.

    That’s some powerful information. So do you often use those globals to reduce cost?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Only if it fits my plan to own control of the board rather quickly. Sometimes actions will do that, other times they will not. You must make the determination if a combination of two characters, two actions, or one of each puts you in the best position to win.

    I want to go back to something you mentioned a minute ago about Big Entrance and using Res to guarantee it on your second turn. I have long been a fan of using it on my 3rd turn. What are your thoughts?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Canadian National Champion or not, you’re not using Big E on your third turn right unless you’re also using Relaxing. What’s the point of all that energy to spend on cheaper characters if you can’t draw them all?

    Wait, explain that for a minute.
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Use RD global to buy Big E and put it in your used, PXG twice on opponent’s turn. Use RD global to buy Relaxing and PXG x4 to lose a life and gain a generic energy. Rolling 10, you could have 9 energy to spend and both actions. Play Big E, buy 3 of the same 2 cost character and put them in your bag. Play Relaxing, draw a die, name whatever you bought, draw another, when you’re right about what you named, draw the third. You have 6 energy remaining and everything is still one cheaper and goes in your bag. Buy 2 more 2 cost characters and a 3 cost for one SK energy plus your generic from over-ramping and PXG x2. You’re rolling the 6 characters you bought, 4 sidekicks and one sidekick or action die on your 4th turn.

    Wow, that sounds super effective for weenie rush teams.
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: It is, unless they’re playing me.

    You really are supremely confident, aren’t you?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Yes, but I have good reason to be. I don’t lose.

    Well, I think we’re quickly approaching the end of the time you’ve given us. Is there any additional strategy thoughts for counting dice?
    - JThomasH2
    MDCVH: Always know where all the dice are at all times. Just keep track. Miscounting can cost you the game.

    Any final thoughts?
    MDCVH: I find the money shots here absolutely mesmerizing. The talking into the fan part, not so much.

    And there you have it - the MDCVH mailbag. Join us again in two weeks when MDCVH answers more questions. At least he will if anyone asks... Don't forget to submit yours to MasterDoctorCountVonHomash@gmail.com!

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    1. IsaacBV's Avatar
      IsaacBV -
      Love the interview!
    1. kaptainkurch's Avatar
      kaptainkurch -
      Unless I'm missing something this description of how to use Relaxing is very wrong. http://wizkidseventsystem.com/bb/vie...elaxing#p18818
    1. Jthomash2's Avatar
      Jthomash2 -
      So it is! The combinations are probably just as wild. The Count clearly went with what was one of the early interpretations where these dice went to the prep area, not rolled to the reserve pool. Thanks for pointing this out!